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Our Mini Linky Party | Week 241

Good morning! 

Adam has been swamped with work since school is now started, so I am hopeful that we get some time to relax this weekend. His workload is heavy right now, which means it is more than likely that he will be spending the majority of this weekend working, but I hope that we can have a day date or a quick trip out the just the two of us to enjoy a quick dinner. If not, I will just be hanging out indoors with Bowie trying to stay cool and continue to try to survive this rainless monsoon season with insane humidity and triple-digit weather. 

What 6 Months of Being a Dog Mom has Taught Me

This post is sponsored by La-Z Boy but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 

My whole life I wanted a dog, and when Adam and I had started dating over 10 years ago and I learned he always wanted a dog, I knew that one day we would become fur baby parents together. Taking in a rescue is a responsibility that means a lot to the both of us, and we knew that we would adopt a dog only when we were emotionally, physically, and financially ready to care for a puppy. We knew we wanted to rescue a dog because we support no-kill shelters and love that when you rescue a dog from a pound you are really rescuing 2 dogs (because you’re bringing one home and creating room for another stray dog to be brought into the shelter). 

Bowie is our fur baby, and being a dog mom is something that I take pride in. I don’t take the responsibilities that come with caring for him lightly, and I only ever want what’s best for him. Today, I’m sharing what being a dog mom has taught me so far (and sharing the details on Bowie’s dog bed we’ve gotten lots of compliments on over on our Instagram Stories). 

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 240

Happy Saturday! 

It's a siesta this weekend! We are so thrilled that it's cloudy and rainy weather in the forecast for today and tomorrow because we have not had an exciting monsoon season this year. We have most certainly had to deal with humidity, but it has really only rained a lot one day so far this monsoon season (and only for a few minutes). We have good chances of rain both today and tomorrow, so we're hoping to stay in and making some frozen margaritas and watch the storm from the comfort of inside our house. 

Lemonade Prosecco with Mint and Blackberries

This post is sponsored by Santa Cruz Organic but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Our desert summer heat isn't going anywhere, which means we are willing to try all kinds of refreshing happy hour drinks all summer long. Rather than have heavier drinks like red wine or stout or dark ales, we lean more toward lighter and more fragrant cocktails for happy hour this time of year. Today, we are sharing the recipe for a super fragrant, sweet and light cocktail you can enjoy throughout the summer and warmer months. 

This summer cocktail is made with one of my favorite Italian wines--Processo. Prosecco sparkling wine is most commonly used in bellinis, but I love to drink it alone as well as combining it with some other juices to make summer cocktails. With the way that Prosecco is made, it naturally has a more fruity flavor with undertones of pear, green apple, and honeydew melon (which makes it ideal for a refreshing summer taste and great to pair with lemonade). Combining Prosecco with Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade
Santa Cruz Organic 100% Lemon Juiceand a hint of fresh mint and blackberries makes for an incredible summer cocktail! 

Our Mini Linky Party | Week 239

Good morning! 

After a hectic week, we are so glad to be taking it slow this weekend. 

We'll be doing all we can to stay cool as well since the heat and humidity are really taking a toll on us this year and Bowie also has not adjusted to the weather. We're hoping that he will be better with the heat next year after he has experienced it once, but we won't know that until the time comes. Since he doesn't want to go for walks when it's hot out even early in the morning (honestly, neither do we), we've been struggling to keep him exercised this summer. This week, we did find a new dog park that we are hoping he will enjoy that we can take him to before the sun rises and it's only 80 degrees out. Fingers crossed!