Reunited and It Feels So Good!

Cathy has finally moved back to Boston! 

Oh! And she's now officially a college graduate! A-S-U!

After graduation I took a trip with my mom to the Hoover Dam and then to Orlando! In Orlando we swam with a beluga whale named Maple, rode the Manta coaster (the craziest ride my mom and I have gone on to date), and then hand picked our own pearls and settings as graduation gifts! 
It was such a great trip! 

But now that I am home I am super busy applying for jobs and organizing all of my belongings into boxes, as Adam and I begin our search for our apartment! 


  1. You swam with a Beluga whale???? Incredible. I hope you were able to get some form of a photo of this!

  2. We DO have photos! They are hilarious!


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