Flag Day

Four years ago at the Flag Day festival in Woburn, Adam told me that he loved me for the first time after we watched the fireworks. Flag Day has a special place in my heart and we try to make the festival every year if we can. With all that has been going on with wedding planning, job training, new job hunting, and unpacking we needed a break from all of the stress. Here are some photos from our night:
The fireworks show was so good! Last minute before we left I decided to grab my camera and then I realized I could use my new tripod Adam bought me for the first time and get some shots of the fireworks! Check out some of my favorite shots from the fireworks show! 


  1. Love it! The first weekend Josh and I get to Roseburg they are having a watermelon festival! FUN! :) I can't wait to go to county fairs like this. Glad you and your honey are reunited!

  2. That sounds like so much fun!!!! Adam and I missed out on a local Strawberry Festival because I had to work that Saturday! How many days until the big move for you two?


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