Home Decor: Bathroom Inspiration

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Moving in together was a really exciting step for me and Adam when we were getting married. I remember when we first started apartment searching all around Massachusetts. And I remember how overwhelming it felt.

Expressing myself has been (and always will be) crucial to my happiness. After spending weeks searching for a place to start our life together, I felt trapped by our financial burdens and we eventually gave up and settled. We moved in with distant family, rented out the upstairs of their home, and I felt like I was back to being a teenager again. A very confused teenager with a spouse and bills to pay, but a teenager nonetheless. Living in a place that did not feel like it was really ours felt wrong. This was not how I wanted to start the rest of our lives together. 

So, with about $100 and the will to set out on bringing out our personality in a home that wasn't truly ours, Adam and I began brainstorming ideas to change up the way our living space felt. We thought about what would make a really bold and unique environment, found some inspiration, and then began investing in some luxury bath accessories to really make our new place pop with color!

For our bathroom decor inspiration, we were inspired to do a Sin City meets London film noir theme.


The first thing we did was clean the walls of any and all dirt and debris. Then, we threw up some painter's tape to prevent staining any furniture or other parts of the bathroom we couldn't get any paint on. 

After a couple coats of paint and some patience, our bathroom suddenly felt much more like our own!

For under $100, I think we did a good job changing our bathroom to make it feel more our own. And I like it a LOT! YAY!

Our first attempt at a bathroom revamp was definitely a success! We'll also be looking into seeing what we can do about the brown wooden furniture in the bathroom, as well as how we can vamp up our  bathroom sink

How did you decorate and customize your first bathroom?

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  1. This turned out SO awesome! I would have never been like "Yeah, let'g go with this theme - bright red, black, and white." But then I saw what you did... very brave and it turned out amazing!!! :)

  2. LOL that was Adam's reaction at first, too! Then eventually he was like "well, you do have a way with this kind of stuff..." and I dragged him to Home Depot and I started! Ever since I got this shower curtain I have been dreaming of covering a bathroom in red paint. I think the reason it may work so well with everyone else (besides me, who is crazy, and loves bold decor) is because only the bottom half of the wall is painted.
    I'm glad you like it! :)

  3. This is so amazing!! Thanks for stopping by dumpedanddiscovered.blogspot.com! I LOVE your work and I am now a follower!

  4. First of all I appreciate you for the beautiful work, house looking very gorgeous and I surprise after seeing such beautiful wall. Thanks for creating and sharing superb information of home decor.


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