It's Been a While!

Last night and this morning were really the first times the two of us could just relax and unwind. I haven't done much experimenting with my baking, but I have had more time to cook real dinners which has been nice. As for desserts, the habit I have developed is just baking out of the box! Yuck! But seriously, these muffins made a  DELICIOUS breakfast for us. And normally I am not a fan of anything that comes out of a box. It is the Krusteaz's Cinnamon Crumb Cake mix.

As far as news goes, Adam just got a new job! Hooray! He likes it so far. I can imagine anything other than manual labor is likable. He has his own desk and working area (and he even has a name placard), which I will have to decorate a bit. I still haven't found the perfect "job," but I am having a blast with all of the freelance photography work I have been doing! We are healthy, happy, and just humbled to finally have some time to ourselves this weekend.

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