Last Christmas

This time last year I was just embracing the start of my journey as a self-taught photographer. I brought my camera every place I went, and strived to find as many candid photo opportunities as I could. This year, I have found myself a completely different photographer, one who can already imagine a picture perfect moment before it even happens! I have spent this year learning and growing as an artist, and I have found myself being able to make money doing what I love so much--taking photos.
Even looking at these photos that I took last year, I can remember the 22 year-old woman behind the camera. She was nervous, curious, and excited; and yet, that woman never left (she's only getting started). Enjoy these Christmas themed photos from my portfolio from last year! All images are creative property of Cathy Lee Photography.

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  1. :) i am really proud of you love!

    i love photography and i love it ever
    since i took a class in High School.

    I've trying to save money to buy a
    cannon or nikon :) because i am dying
    to get good at photography.

    Did you learn on your own or did
    you take classes?

    Melina ♥

  2. Hi Melina!

    Photography is such a great creative outlet! I hardly know anyone who doesn't like it, and I think it's a type of art that every person can find a way to relate to.

    As far as cameras go, there are some really great ones that are inexpensive. You don't have to necessarily go down the DSLR route; you can always find some really great ones with decent MP for relatively cheap! My first camera I purchased off of Overstock for $100 and it was 12 MP!

    As far as my skill goes, everything I have learned is self-taught. I took one class way back in high school and hardly even remember what I learned back then. I am a firm believer that you don't have to go to art school to be an artist!

    Cheers! Thanks for stopping by!


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