What Your Engagement Ring Says About You

We've all looked at engagement rings at some point. And guess what? We've seen all the different types out there! There are multiple directions an engagement ring can take. I believe the first distinction about a person in regards to what engagement ring they have is this: whether or not it is a diamond ring.

If you answered yes, chances are you're a woman of tradition. You want your family there on your special day, your daddy to walk you down the aisle, a group of friends you call family to be your bridesmaids, and even a send off at the end of your night with all of your loved ones blowing bubbles at you and your new husband on your way to your honeymoon.

If you answered no, chances are you live for the thrill of rejecting the traditional and seize to map out your own path along the journey of your wedding day. You live in the moment and want your wedding to reflect that. You're all about setting the tone for your unique day in whichever way you can: like you would rather elope somewhere exotic, you choose to take on the duty of the ultimate DIY centerpieces and other wedding decor, and even a special surprise the night of your wedding for all of your guests (i.e. a choreographed dance incorporating all of your bridal party).

And then of course, you can break down the entire diamond engagement ring category as well as the non-diamond engagement ring category into shape, cut, size, color, etc. What I am discovering on my own is that shape and cut seems to speak the most of another's persona. Inadvertently, I feel that we are drawn to what we find ourselves in (whether it be other people, jobs, homes, and even jewelry!) Again, just as the diamond vs. non-diamond category, this whole "what type of diamond engagement ring is it" category just opened a gigantic can of worms! 
But why do we get all hyped up over whether or not it is a diamond? I challenge each and every one of you to google (yes, it's a verb now!) "engagement rings." What are the images you found? 

What I want to communicate is this: there is beauty in both types of rings (i.e. diamonds and non-diamonds). But why does society jump to the conclusion that if a woman is not wearing a diamond engagement ring there is some sort of dilemma? Like the proverbial, "maybe he can't afford one." I have seen so many beautiful, diverse rings on brides I have photographed, my friends, my sorority sisters, my family members, and complete strangers! 

Your engagement ring should be your persona's silhouette! Ignore what society tells you what you should and should not wear for a ring because it's in style or not in style! If you're like me, you're probably hoping you will be wearing it for the rest of your life! Remember light-washed jean jackets? Yeah, me too! But do you really want to be wearing a light-washed jean jacket on your hand for the rest of your life because you married the love of your life in the 90's?!


  1. Fun post! I work with someone who I think has a truly unique ring. It's a square setting with small diamonds around the setting and down the band - but there isn't a center stone. I think it's so different and beautiful. (and I love mine too - it has some sapphires)

  2. I said yes to the diamond ring, but I'm the type you listed as a "no", ha ha ha! I had the awesomest DIY wedding!

  3. LOL! How awesome! But I bet your ring is beautiful and embodies what your hubby thinks of you! :)

  4. Haha! Love it! Our rings really do act as a gateway into our personalities! Is it OK that I'm doing both, a DIY, formal wedding after we eloped? :) I suppose it makes sense with my bright green ring surrounded by diamonds. Best of both worlds! :)

    I agree with you on the point that the ring is also a glimpse into what he sees in his future wife. It is an opportunity for them to say, "I know you, babe." :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Of COURSE it's okay that you're doing both! I think it's fabulous! You get the best of both words, for sure!

  6. I never understood why the diamond is so traditional since I don't like them. There are so many other jewels out there! And as it turns out it was an ad campaign for a diamond maker - a very successful ad campaign that was launched in the 20s.

  7. I remember when we were looking at rings, my then-fiancé was a little uncomfortable that I wanted just a simple band (that's the kind of person I am) because it would make it look like he couldn't afford one. Luckily for us, I found something simple but traditional that was much more both of us. It is pretty silly, though, that people have pre-conceived notions about something as silly as a ring.

  8. G'day! Always an enjoyable read!
    Cheers! Joanne


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