Couponing: A New Era

This past week, I decided for the first time that I was doing our a family a disservice by not shopping with coupons! I already follow a few money saving/budgeting blogs, and I thought, "Hmmm, why haven't I started actually doing what these women recommend to save money for your family?" Well, I finally took my first step toward couponing! 

I clipped about 15 coupons, and ended up using 10 of them at the grocery store. I made sure to only clip coupons that made sense mathematically and were catered more toward what Adam and I already buy. First time couponing: I save $8.45 with only ten coupons! Really?! This is awesome! I wasn't even really planning or extreme couponing! Just imagine the possibilities if I spend the extra time!

Here's what I could spend with my $8.45 saved:
-Breakfast for Adam and I
-A small takeout pizza for two
-almost a 1/4 tank of gas
-a takeout lunch for one
-8 boxes of pasta
-2 pounds of hamburg
-a box of the good K-cups
-A crafting project
-2 bottles of nail polish
-a tip for my awesome hairdresser who gave me bangs this week
(which was what I did and here is a picture of them)

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  1. I need to take the plunge and do it too! It always seems like such a hassle,


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