Big News!

Yes, my heart lies in Phoenix AND with wherever my husband is. 
But guess what?! 
We're moving.
Arizona, here we come!

Why you ask? Well, long story short: we are spending every penny we get trying to just make ends meet in a place where we can barely afford to pay for the studio we are living in. We made the decision, which we've been pondering for a while, that in order for us to try and build a life together we would rather live in a place where living costs are lower, and in a place that will some day give us a chance to buy a home of our own! That, and Adam knows I fell in love with Phoenix while I was going to school.

So, you're wondering what we've already done to prepare for the big move? Well, earlier this week Adam sold his car and then last night we donated all of our books (all but one Shakespeare) to a battered women's shelter! We are going to sell all of our furniture, give whatever we don't need to charity, and start completely fresh with 2 duffel bags filled with clothes and necessities. We are hoping to make it to AZ the last week of this month, provided we play our cards right.

Our Mini Family is starting a new chapter in the Grand Canyon state!
We are giddy with nerves and excitement for what's to lie ahead! 
We hope you can stick around and swing by to see updates during this very exciting time in our lives! Be sure to "like" us on Facebook and check out our Instagram, to get every one of our updates along the way!

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