Back to the Basics: Adam's Meat Sauce

Adam made such YUMMY meat sauce tonight! So good! Just had to share!

What You'll Need:
Whole Wheat Penne
1/2 lb of Ground Beef
Tomato paste
Garlic Powder
Vegetable oil
Parmesan cheese

Prepare your pasta as you would and in a separate pan, 
and then combine your sauce ingredients with your beef.
(Note: Adam is more of a chef than an actual baker! So when I ask him how much of what he is using, he replies something like "a little bit of this" or a "sprinkle of" that). He says "what you wanna do is, you brown the ground beef, drain the oil, and then cook it in the sauce!"

Well, there you have it! Hah! 
Bon appetit!

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