AZ Bloggers Meet Up | A Midsummer Night's Dream Theme

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of meeting 30+ Arizona bloggers and it was a blast! These ladies are incredibly kind, talented, creative, and funny. The AZ Bloggers group is made up of 170+ members.

So after I grabbed my handmade flower crown, I headed over to the party! 

It was my first time I went to an #AZbloggermeetup and I was not disappointed in the slightest--check out everything we did and how gorgeous it was:
The spread was incredible--the backyard was totally transformed into a wonderland of flowers, mason jars, twinkly lights, and soft light that makes any photographer giddy with joy!

It was a "Midsummer Night's Dream" theme, so we were all encouraged to wear floral dresses or flowy ensembles (coupled with floral crowns for our hair). Everyone looked fabulous! So cute!

We had a drop dead GORGEOUS photo backdrop made by Chrissy!

But let's take a second to talk about some of the goodies we enjoyed:
I couldn't believe how absolutely delicious these bundt cakes were--I cannot remember a time when I have had a bundt cake that was so incredibly decadent and tasty. Seriously! 

There were so many goodies there, but their cakes were my favorite (I even went back for a second slice of chocolate cake...shh! don't tell). I had no idea how good they were prior to the event, but for real they are so good! There are actually a few locations here throughout the valley, so if you're in AZ and have a hankering for a REALLY good bundt cake, come check 'em out!
After we enjoyed some cake, we did 1-2 minute introductions! 

...and then came my favorite part: the photo booth!
Special thanks to Lydia, of, for taking our photo booth pictures all night!
My biggest takeaway from the event is that I am just so excited to continue to get to know these ladies, and hope that we can help spread the word to other fellow AZ bloggers about our events!

If you're an AZ blogger and would like to find out more info, please feel free to reach out!


  1. How awesome! Our organization does an event every three months, and it's so much fun to get to meet all the other bloggers on our team.

    1. Totally! It's great to be around women who you have so much in common with for sure!

  2. That looks like SO much fun! I love all of the flower crowns- i'll def check out yours for summer!

  3. This looks like so much fun! I started an NC Bloggers group and would love to have an event like this!

  4. You totally should, Kelly! It was a blast!


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