Transforming IKEA Pine to Shabby Chic Distressed

Can you guess how I transformed this IKEA table? Check out the "after" photos below:

After having sanded down the entire table, I used my standard, Zinsser primer before I applied any paint. 
Using plenty of crackle paint and a putty knife, spread it along the table to create texture. The smaller amount you put in a certain place, it will create smaller cracks; the larger the crackle, the bigger your cracks. Pretty simple, right?

By the way, please excuse the non-DSLR photos this week! I've got a camera and Lightroom chalk full of beautiful, senior photos I did for a client you can take a peek at here:

Post by Cathy Lee Photography.
Anywho, here is my fabulous new table! 
This project only cost about $15 for all of my materials--SWEET!

I love the finished look! It's shabby chic and will serve as a great background for recipe posts coming to the blog in the future! What do you think? Would you use this paint on anything in your home?


  1. What an awesome finish!! Looks great and simple enough for even this non-DIYer :) Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Yes--super simple! Love you agree! Thank you for coming by, Rebecca!

  2. I love it! (I love the sand block thingy, too.)
    Thanks for sharing this on Twirl & Take a Bow!!!

    - Brooke -

  3. This is a really nice transformation...thank you for sharing.


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