Heart-Shaped Egg Breakfast

Now that New Year's Eve is over, Valentine's Day is coming up!  Why not bring your festivity to the breakfast table? Sure, red velvet pancakes are fun, but this option is much healthier: A heart-shaped egg over toast!

Here's What You'll Need:

1. Wash some cherry tomatoes and arugula. It's important to rinse your vegetables! Set aside to let them dry.
2. Grab your heart-shaped egg ring and wash it. Coat the edges with a small amount of butter or margarine (or light oil) as to help prevent the egg from sticking to it.
3. On the stovetop, grab a medium sized nonstick pan and turn on medium-low heat. If not using a nonstick pan, spray pan with nonstick spray or other means. 
4. Lay your heart-shaped egg ring in the center of the pan. Allow it to get warm for a minute before cracking the egg inside. 
5. Grab 1 egg, and crack it over the heart-shaped egg ring. Before it begins to cook, you can gently use a spoon and tilt your pan to adjust and get the yolk in the center if you are OCD like me!
6. While it cooks, grab a piece of your favorite toast (ours is sourdough), and lightly toast it in your toaster or conventional oven.
7. Chop up some cherry tomatoes and arugula. When toast is done, place it onto a plate and layer the toast with some cherry tomatoes and arugula. 
8. When the egg is fully cooked to your liking, sprinkle it with some seasonings as you desire (e.g. fresh ground pepper).
9. Using a spatula and 2 hands, gently glide the spatula under the entirety heart-egg ring and simultaneously lift. This will ensure that the egg makes it from the pan to the plate safety! 
10. When hovering over your cherry tomato and arugula covered toast, bring the egg right on top and remove the spatula. If the egg didn't stick to the egg ring it should just drop for you. If not, you can use a fork or knife and try to gently pry it from the sides (this admittedly took me a few tries to get it right). And you're all set! Serve with a cup of coffee or even a glass of juice!

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