A Phoenix Local's Perspective on Hosting Super Bowl XLIX

It's the day of the big game and there's been lots of hype!

As a Phoenix local, I wanted to reflect on how it's been for me, as a resident, of the city hosting Super Bowl XLIX. 

Let me start by saying that I love that we live in a city that is physically big enough and has the resources to help host an event as big and exciting as the NFL  Super Bowl. Not many cities can same the same, so it's a huge compliment for Arizona! I love living in a place that is willing to host others for all kinds of events, too! 

This past week, I took the trek into Downtown Phoenix via Metro Light Rail. It was crazy down there to say the least! Interestingly enough, I noticed that there were way more Seahawks fans out than Patriots; it was basically an alarming amount of bright green which was an eyesore being that it was so dark and dreary outside haha (that, and it's an eyesore because I'm a Patriots fan).

It was a great party atmosphere downtown even with the exception of the rain! However, I will say I was pretty bummed to learn that the tents and parties that were supposed to be the best were strictly invite only? Really?! C'mon! I get that lots of important people (and let's be honest wealthy people too) come to the Super Bowl to party, but why would you host something that's so exclusive right in the middle of downtown? Such a bummer for the rest of us, man! If you have to have that exclusive, VIP or invite only party, why don't you hold that closer to the stadium or even in Scottsdale? The idea of the downtown experience was supposed to be just a big block party, and it's not really a block party if one neighbor throws a 10 ft tall fence around itself in the middle of the neighborhood! 

But no worries, ya'll! I had a lot of fun even despite the salty taste that was left in my mouth when I found out I wasn't special enough to go party with the cool kids! 

Speaking of cool kids, I met Eddie Lacy (RB for Green Bay Packers) and he was very nice!

Once I was done walking around the block party, I ventured over to the NFL experience. 

It did cost $35 to get in, but as a Patriots fan (and NFL in general), I did think it was worth every penny that I spent. I was surprised by just how many activities they had open for children and adults and once you were in you did not have to pay for any other activity--rather than paying for the activities, you had to register for your mobile pass on your smartphone or at one of the designated stations.

They had a lot of museum and exhibit stuff to check out, too! Lots of old school NFL!

And these rings! GAH, they are amazing. Lots of really neat football paraphernalia to check out!

Also, upstairs where the tickets were purchased was a glorious pro shop. I bought Adam a shirt there--and honestly, I think if I had come home without buying him anything I would have been scolded.

And then of course I took a bunch of uncomfortably hilarious selfies by myself with NFL signs. 
And Patriots stuff. And posters. Aaaaaand with Super Bowl rings. 

Aside from the drama of having an especially crowded city right now (between the Super Bowl XLIX and all of the golf stuff going on over in Scottsdale) and the lack of general admission for the really cool parties, I am genuinely happy to host the big game here in our neck of the woods!

Let's go, Pats!!!


  1. What a fun attraction for any football fanatic!! Looks like you had a blast!

  2. Wow! Looks like so much fun! I can tell you are having a great time.


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