5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went to Phoenix Comicon

Last week, I surprised Adam with a Saturday pass to Phoenix Comicon--and I am so glad we went! But, there were some things I wish I knew first before I went to my first comicon.

Here are the 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Went to Phoenix Comicon:

Number #1 There will be a TON of people there. Seriously!!
Are you demophobic? If you answered, 'yes,' then you should really reconsider going to Phoenix ComiCon. Adam and I stayed all morning, noon, and a good part of our night at the convention center and the crowd never got smaller: it was always a huge crowd! Like, we're talking a crowd that feels about twice the size of Disneyland. At one point, I just started getting upset just because there were so many people in the way (which made it incredibly difficult to get from one place to another). 

Number #2 Bring Snacks--and maybe a pillow, too!
Like any event at the convention center, the food prices were jacked up and left our wallet bleeding after each meal we ate while enjoying Phoenix Comicon. Next year when we go again, I'm going to plan and bring a snack pack for the two of us (and we'll be sure to eat a big breakfast before we go, too!) 

If you're planning on attending any panels (let's be real, that is usually the reason people want to go to Comicon at all) then you will want a pillow. Since we did a lot of waiting around, a pillow would have been nice to either take a cat nap on (or to put on my seat, so I could have kept my butt from falling asleep while I waited for Summer Glau).

Number #3 About half of your day will be spent waiting.
I had no idea how much waiting there would be (e.g. waiting in line to get my ticket, waiting in line to get in, waiting in line to get food, waiting in line to get into the panel, sitting and waiting for panel to start...okay, can I stop now? I think you get it by now). 

My biggest piece of advice is to obviously get to where you want to be early enough to get a decent seat; but if you get somewhere really really early, just know that you'll be doing a lot of sitting and waiting. And more waiting. And waiting some more on top of it.

Number #4 Shop smart! You will spend a lot of money if you're not careful.
As you can see in the very first image I shared in this blog post, we did not buy a lot. But we totally could have spent our whole paycheck. There is an overwhelming amount of booths filled with vendors and swag. I would recommend not buying the first thing you see. We still came home with a haul filled with high quality goods, though! I am a believer in supporting small business, so we strictly bought from small indie business or Etsy-like shops. Remember, you can buy the mainstream stuff any day! Get the unique swag while the opportunity presents itself. 

Another note about spending money: celebrity guests. I had no idea that I'd have to pay to see the celebrities. I figured I'd have to pay if I wanted to talk to them or get an autograph, but Phoenix Comicon basically has White House level security booths set up surrounding the celebs. If you want to see someone famous with your own eyes (let alone get their autograph), get ready to shell out (on average) $75 per guest. 

Number #5 You will be there ALL DAY LONG.
Just know this: you can't see everything. What I mean by that is you need to plan what you want to see before you even go (the Phoenix Comicon website will share their schedule online for you when tickets go on sale), and then once you've figured out what you want to definitely do first you can plan your day around that particular activity. If you don't look at the schedule and plan accordingly, you may miss out on seeing one of your favorite movie stars at a panel.

Adam and I wanted to see Summer Glau's panel, so after we first got there we headed straight for the convention room. We sat there for literally 3 hours before anything happened. My butt was entirely numb. I suppose I just wasn't prepared to spend my entire morning on just one activity, because by the time we left her panel it was already lunch time (and we hadn't done or seen anything else yet). 

Also, since you'll be spending literally your whole day at the convention center, you should really consider bringing a bag; to give you an example, next year when we go again, we'll be bringing: snacks, a pillow, comfortable shoes, phone chargers, etc.  

So there you have it! 

And don't let some of these things sway you as to whether or not you should go to Phoenix Comicon--because you should definitely go!! Sure, it sounded like a lot of complaining on my part (oops, sorry!) but I promise I only wrote this post because I want to help others enjoy their day and not face some of the discomfort I did at some points of the day. 

Have YOU ever attended a Comicon before?

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