I Love, Love, Love, Love You! 4 Years of Wedded Bliss

Good morning!

 I wanted to let you all know that I am taking a week hiatus from now until Friday, so Adam and I can celebrate our wedding anniversary with minimal distractions. I'll be back on Saturday for our weekly blogger linky party, but for now, please enjoy this wedding anniversary post!

I remember this morning four years ago--I was with my mom, my bridesmaids, and my junior bridesmaids. We were all having our fingers and toes painted at the local salon and getting excited for the big day. I remember Ashlyn, my bridesmaid, asking me if I was nervous. 

And I wasn't nervous one bit. 

From the moment Adam got down on one knee and I said "yes," I knew there was nothing to be nervous about. I was just excited to start living my life with the kindest and most generous soul I have ever met--my soon to be husband.

Later that day, before the ceremony, it seemed like pandemonium. My bridal party was running around panicking trying to get ready, but I could not help but just feel elated and like I was on a cloud. Nothing could bring me down from this high I felt--knowing that in just a few hours we'd make an eternal promise in the company of our friends and family. 

Adam, on the other hand, was anxious. He was not anxious because of the idea of getting married, but rather, he was not keen on being the center of attention. One thing you all should know about Adam is he is not a fan of crowds or having the spotlight on him (hence why you don't see as many photos of him on here or on Instagram). I remember just 1-2 hours before the wedding, Adam called me and asked to see me. 

I went to our honeymoon suite and waited for him (that is, after I well hid my wedding gown so it would not ruin the surprise). When I greeted him at the door, I could tell he was having a hard day. I led him into the suite and we sat down on the couch and talked about how he was feeling. Being the center of attention on a wedding day can be overwhelming, and Adam was not taking to it very well. 

We joked and laughed and hung out in our room for a little while. It was only after I could tell that I soothed and calmed his nerves that I politely shushed him out of the room so that I could finish getting ready and marry him ;-)

And when I was all ready to make my grand appearance, I asked my mom and the bridal party for a moment alone. Standing in front of the mirror, I took a good look at myself. I thought, "Cathy, remember how you feel today and embrace it for the rest of your life." It was my wedding day--and as they say, your day feels like a blur. Surely enough, the details of the day do feel like a blur to this day, however, I can recall exactly how I felt when I saw Adam before in our suite, when I was alone before I went to the aisle, and I remember how I felt when I saw Adam for the first time standing at the altar. 

For me and Adam, our wedding day was about us and our love for one another. 

Our wedding day was certainly a reflection of our love and devotion to each other, and in these last 4 years our partnership and devotion has only grown stronger and stronger. It is with absolute certainly that I know that with each day we spend together for the rest of our lives, that I will continue to feel that same joy and excitement as I did on our wedding day. 

 I love you, Adam. Happy Anniversary. 


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