Date Night Idea | Go to a Local Wine Bar

Earlier this week, Adam and I decided to take our date night to a local wine bar here in Tempe, Arizona! We were so glad when Salut Kitchen Bar contacted us and offered to sponsor our next date night, since we really enjoy being able to support Arizona local and small businesses! 

Today, we're talking a little bit about our date night out to our local wine bar!

Adam and I had a rough work load the other day, so naturally we wanted to blow off some steam and enjoy a date night out! When we arrived at Salut Kitchen Bar, the first thing we did was order a bottle of their house chardonnay. The wine selection at Salut Kitchen Bar is awesome--but Adam and I are not picky; as long as the wine is chilled and tastes good, we are more than content! Once we had a glass of wine, we ordered an appetizer: mac and cheese bites!

The mac and cheese bites at Salut Kitchen Bar were so good! I know, I know. You are probably jealous and wish you could try one--I promise they taste as good as they sound! 

Can't get to Salut Kitchen Bar and want to make your own mac and cheese bites at home? Check out my recipe--they are very easy to make and taste amazing! 

Adam and I ordered burgers for dinner--I got their Malbec burger, which has melted caramelized onions and mushrooms on top! Adam got Salut's Sun Devil burger (woohoo! Arizona State pride), which is topped with poblano peppers, avocado, and apple smoked bacon! We both also got Salut Fries--if there is anything that I would insist you need to try at Salut Kitchen Bar it is their fries! They are BOMB! Their fries are covered in a cheese mixture of feta and parmesaean, and come with a blend of awesome herbs and house citrus vinaigrette!

And then it was time for dessert--my absolute favorite part about going to Salut Kitchen Bar! They have these awesome, individual s'mores campfire patters! Even though Adam and I sat in the air conditioning away from the Phoenix heat, we felt like we were outside by a campfire! 

We ate, we drank, and we blew off steam from a hard work week--Adam and I had fun at Salut Kitchen Bar in Tempe! As we were leaving, the sunset outside looked amazing and the light in the air had that "magic hour" quality; I asked Adam to snap a photo of me in the gorgeous light outside--and I think he did a good job making me look good ;-) 

Don't husbands make the best photographers?! They know your good side and how to make you look good!

What is your favorite kind of wine? Have you been to a wine bar?
Thank you again to Salut Kitchen Bar for having us! We're very grateful that we had the opportunity to enjoy these accommodations in exchange for writing this unbiased, and completely honest blog post. 


  1. Yummy goodness! You rock for supporting local business!

    1. It was SO yummy!! And yes I love to support Arizona local!


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