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"Thankful." That's a word we hear a lot every November. People enjoy participating in daily "what I'm thankful for" challenges, and they express all that they are grateful for having in their life up until Thanksgiving arrives. And then we don't hear anything until November next year. My question to you is: what are you truly thankful for all year long?

Are you thankful for your daily struggles and tribulations? Are you thankful for your family when they are giving you a headache? Perhaps you're thankful for those hard deadlines that work is giving you, which cause you to have to work mandatory overtime. Now, I am not saying that I'm perfect, but I do try to express my gratitude as often as I can (and not because society expects me to since Thanksgiving is around the corner). 

What I plan to do is to acknowledge the things that I appreciate in my life, as well as the things that may challenge me to make me a better person (like stressful family situations or even intensive working situations). Be thankful for what you have every day, even if it's not Hallmark Christmas Card perfect. 

Be ThankFULL all year long! Okay okay, enough serious talk! :-) Let's do a giveaway!

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