Wine Hacks | Basic Wine Flavor Profiles

The first glass of wine I ever had was with my soon-to-be husband and my mother-in-law. We were all sitting in their kitchen, and she offered me a glass of chardonnay. Thinking about how I'd never had wine before, I obliged. From that day on, wine became my go-to choice at happy hour. 

Are you a wine newbie? Do you usually only drink one or two types of wine? Today, I've partnered with Urban Farmhouse Tampa to broaden your horizons a little bit, and talk about some of the basic wine flavor profiles (as well as share an easy-to-remember chart with you for you to save or download). 

Over time, I tried different varieties of chardonnay and found the ones I loved (and the ones I could do without). Then, one day, a friend gave us a bottle of cabernet sauvignon as a gift; when I finally ran out of chardonnay in the house, that's when I decided to give the cabernet sauvignon a try!

 To my surprise, I learned that I loved the taste of red wine as much as I had loved the taste of white wine. It was only after this that I become much more adventurous to try new wine varieties, and I was able to quickly determine a "love it vs. hate it" list (and if you're wondering what goes on my 'hate it' list, I'll tell you!) Some of my 'love it' wines include: chardonnay, pinot grigio, and cabernet sauvignon. My 'hate it' list? Well, it's definitely a lot shorter than my 'love it' list, but I loathe the taste of: white zinfandel. To put it lightly, I think that white zinfandel tastes like feet! 

But enough about my opinion on wines! I challenge you to put your wine lover skills to the test with our chart, and see if you know the basic wine flavor profiles!

How did you do? Did any of those flavor profile details surprise you? Now that we've talked about wine varieties, let's talk about these absolutely adorable wine glasses I've been showcasing in my pictures!! These customized wine glasses are from the Urban Farmhouse Tampa's Etsy shop!

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Special thanks to Urban Farmhouse Tampa for partnering with us and sponsoring our post today, as well as sending us their gorgeous customized wine glasses! 


  1. I'm not a wine drinker myself, but I just might have to get some of those glasses for chocolate milk or something! Great post - very informative!

    1. Totally! These glasses would be fun to drink apple cider or eggnog from, too! Thank you!


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