DIY Coffee and Brown Sugar Scrub

This morning, like every other Sunday morning, I woke up in a haze and promptly stumbled my way through the kitchen until I stood over my coffee pot. I lifted the coffee maker lid and stared down at the excess of leftover coffee grinds. I stood there for a moment and thought, "it's a shame I can't think of a use for these!" As I started to remove the damp, aged coffee from the lid and had already begun strolling over to the trash bin--I suddenly stopped in my tracks. I grabbed a paper towel, laid it down on the counter, and then placed the coffee grinds on top. As I hovered over my counter with caffeine withdrawals (at this point, I was still distracted by the thought of coming up with a use for these grinds I had totally forgotten to refill the coffee pot to brew some), I had already begun brainstorming ways I could incorporate these leftover coffee grinds.

What idea did I come up with before my first cup of coffee, you ask? DIY Coffee and Brown Sugar Scrub!

Today, I'm sharing my tutorial on how I made my very own, individualized coffee and brown sugar scrub.
I've seen some tutorials for sugar scrubs on Pinterest, as I am sure you have too, and I always look at the ingredients that are used and find that so many of them rely so heavily on essential oils. Buying essential oils? Ain't nobody got time for that! (or the money, because let's be real...some of those essential oils cost way too much!) Motivated to come up with my own tutorial without the use of essential oils, I took a look through my cupboard to see what ingredients I already had accessible at home.

DIY Coffee and Brown Sugar Scrub
*makes just shy of 1 cup of sugar scrub, fits into extra small mason jars

  • 1/8 cup of used coffee grinds
  • 1/2 cup of brown sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  1. Combine your coffee grinds with your brown sugar and olive oil. Mix well. 
  2. If you begin to have chunks of brown sugar form that do not want to mix, use a spoon to lightly chop them into smaller pieces. Keep at it and the chunks will break down into the scrub texture!
  3. Pour your scrub into an extra small mason jar, and store it at room temperature. 
  4. Give it as a thoughtful gift, or keep it for yourself to indulge in! Use in the shower before shaving to get a natural exfoliate!
It's that simple! No essential oils needed. Really!

 And I am like 95% sure that you probably have all of these ingredients at home right now, which was my goal for coming up with an easy-to-accodomdate sugar scrub tutorial!

With the gift giving season coming up, I urge you to think of someone you can make this sugar scrub for! Maybe you have a co-worker who you have as a Secret Santa and are unsure what to make for them, or maybe your mom has insisted that you do not buy her any gifts (but since you want to give her something you can at least make her a homemade gift!) Choose someone in your life who enjoys health and beauty products, and take 10 minutes out of your day to make a batch of this coffee and brown sugar scrub for them. Brighten their day--a handmade gift comes from the heart! 

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