Phoenix Coffee House Tours | 7 Shops in 7 Days

After surveying some long-time locals who have lived in the valley almost all of their lives (and taking my own personal experiences into account), I narrowed down all of the coffee shops in Greater Phoenix to these 7 places--and today, I'm sharing a little bit of info about every shop from my coffee tour!

Adam and I had a blast completing our Phoenix Coffee House Tour this week. We had a lot of fun driving around town in our swanky 2016 Lexus IS 350 traveling to all of the different coffee shops every day! Check out all of the details from our coffee tour below:

Nestled in the heart of the Phoenix Art District, Songbird Coffee & Tea House is a darling escape for anyone who enjoys a mix of industry and comfort. That's the best I can describe it. It was a lovely little hole in the wall that I had to look for and only found it after a few walks around the building--but once I was in, it was heaven! The soft lighting in here was dreamy and basically an amateur photographer's dream! I could tell that it would be a lovely spot to stop in for a quick escape from the hustle and bustle outside. 

My coffee order: their cold brew coffee

Lux Coffee Bar has been and always will be one of my favorites in Phoenix for many reasons; in a nutshell, when I went here it was a temporary escape I made into grown-up living for when I was feeling like an ASU student surrounded by immature party animals. Lux is a good representation of what Phoenix means to me: focus on local goods, great taste, lovely and friendly people, and style. The only downside is everyone knows about how amazing Lux is, so it is almost always crowded. But if you can find a time to go and an open seat, you will be able to kick back and either relax or get some work done. 

My coffee order: Andy's Six-Shooter Iced Coffee

Black Cat Coffee House, like many Phoenix coffee houses, has a focus on local Arizona goods. They make an effort to support local schools and businesses, and they are a member of Local First Arizona. Basically, they really care about the community and hope to give back--well, I like everything there is about what they represent and the coffee they brew. Their coffee is da bomb dot com.

My coffee order: a cup of their Costa Rican Varietal blends

Day 4: Jobot Coffee

If you're looking for the essence of hipster coffee (the good kind of 'hipster'), look no further: Jobot Coffee will meet all of your hipster coffee shop needs. Their location is in an adorable home on 5th Street, and it's one of the first authentic coffee shops here in Phoenix I ever visited! It has basically all I would want from a larger city's coffee shop--the food is great, too! They are all about sustainability too if that is also important to you, and the staff is always super friendly.

My coffee order: classic espresso

Day 5: Dutch Bros

Another Phoenix classic is Dutch Bros and they also have a fully functioning drive thru (perfect for those of you who are just passing through Phoenix looking for a great local business to support without needing to leave your driver's seat!) The vibe from Dutch Bros is great--happy employees, fun music, and awesome stickers for you to collect (for free) at the coffee counter. 

My coffee order: Mocha

Hava Java Phoenix Coffee House is a great stop in the Camelback neighborhood--my girlfriends and I have popped in here quite a few times just out of its sheer convenience of being in the right place at the right time, and the coffee quality is consistently great! 

My coffee order: americano

Day 7: Xtreme Bean

Xtreme Bean has a great atmosphere for gathering with a few friends! It has a lounge vibe and has a lot of rustic tables. Their coffee is fantastic, and every time I have gone in it hasn't been unbearably busy. They have a really awesome space for students to go and study, as well as an off-room filled with computers.

My coffee order: blended cookies and cream

What other Phoenix coffee shops have you visited?

Thank you to Lexus for hooking us up with a sweet ride all week long--such a thoughtful gift! 


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