Finding and Maintaining Your Blogger Identity

Blogger identity--it's how we represent ourselves, our brand, and our persona both online and offline. 

Staying true to yourself is key if you have a blog or if consider yourself an online influencer. Knowing what you have to offer is the first step towards defining your identity, but there are many aspects that go into maintaining your persona. Today, I'm going to share some things that I have learned in the last five years about blogger identity--and the importance of finding and maintaining your identity.

Finding your Identity

So what exactly is your "identity?" Start with what your blog or social media is all about. You should know a general idea of what sorts of content you focus on--this can change over time and that is OK, but you should always have some sort of idea what genre of media you primarily concentrate on. For me, I know that I am an influencer. My identity starts with creating, curating, and sharing content on my blog and social media that is related in some way to one of these categories: food/drink, millennial lifestyle, Southwestern living, and blogging. The biggest part about finding your blogger identity is narrowing down who you are based on what you publish online. 

If you are unsure how to describe your own identity, you can ask yourself some of these questions: 
  • Am I an Influencer? Writer? Photographer? Curator? 
  • What topics am I most passionate about?
  • If I had to narrow it down to only a few categories, what are my favorite interests?
  • Do I prefer to tell stories? Am I a jokester? Or do I like to be serious and get straight to the point? Or does it depend on the topic?
  • How would someone else describe what I do?

Maybe you won't have it pinned down to an exact idea and that is OK! But the sooner you start to evaluate what it is that you do and you begin to define your identity, the better off you will be about maintaining a genuine and likable presence online. 

Maintaining your Identity

Once you've finally figured out what your general identity and online persona is, now you can begin to create and work toward perfecting the consistency of your "voice" and your presence in the online world. Let's face it, there are literally millions of social media accounts and personal websites. Other than your content, the other key part of what will make you stand out to your audience among the masses is your consistency to maintain your identity. 

Remaining genuine to your audience can take many forms. One way to show your readers that you are the real deal is to focus on only share content that is relevant to you. For instance, I wouldn't start writing about the newest trends in the baby registry industry. Why? Well for starters, Adam and I don't have any kids and I don't regularly blog about sales trends or baby registries. If I shared a blog post like that, it would be the complete opposite of maintaining my blogger identity. Seems simple enough, right? 

One of the most helpful tidbits I have learned in my five years of blogging revolves around maintaining your blogger identity. If I am trying to come up with a blog post idea or if a brand approaches me and asks me to partner with them, before I agree to start the project or start creating any content I always ask myself, is this who I am? If I don't immediately think, yes that's totally me, then it's not true to who I am in that moment. Sure, maybe the brand is great and I happen to shop their products, but when it comes to my blog and my social media I need to be consistent with the types of content I share with my readers. Your readers will start trust you over time. One day, if you share something totally out of left field, you will likely lose some credibility with your audience. Be consistent. With consistency comes maintaining a put-together blogger identity. 

What are your thoughts on blogger identity?

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  1. So so helpful. Such a great post. Definitely saving for a reread. xx


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