How to Get Custom Hair Coloring Done At Home

Thanks to my friends at eSalon for introducing me to their custom hair color service! (*)  

Going to the salon has always been a huge pain for me in some way or another.

Before this week, it had been several months since I had dyed my hair. And the last time I walked into a hair salon it was not a great experience. I remember when I went in and told the hairdresser what I wanted she just laughed and insisted that just because I saw it on Pinterest didn't mean I really wanted it done permanently--she had no idea how long I had contemplated and truly thought about the hair color. Yes, I found it on Pinterest (and yes, it was bright pink which I still want to do some day), but I wasn't making any sudden changes that I would soon regret. Sheepishly I sat down in the chair as she draped a gown around me and I immediately resented the whole process of going into a salon to only have someone tell me that what I wanted was not what I truly wanted. 

Recently, one of the managers at eSalon contacted me and asked if I wanted to try their custom hair color service from the comfort of my home. You know for sure I jumped on that right away--the thought of customizing my own hair color and having it shipped to my door sounded amazing! 

And the eSalon custom color ordering service was awesome from start to finish!

I filled out a questionnaire on the eSalon site that took me about 2-3 minutes, and then after that my custom color was in the works! One of the stylists who helps create the custom kits and blends contacted me after reading my questionnaire, and she advised me to try their Tinted Love treatment shampoo two times before coloring my hair.

One thing I really liked about the box was the packaging and how personal it felt! The little details really made a big difference--and seeing that the formula was put together specifically for me! 

After I did two treatments of the tinted hair shampoo, I used the directions that came in my kit and started the custom coloring process. Apart from the two separate shampoos and styling my hair, the whole process only took about 20 minutes (which is great because that is about how fast it would take if you were using a box, and believe me this is a better alternative compared to a box). 

In all honesty, I was hoping my hair would look more brown than dark brown, but my hair has never gotten that light before without bleach anyway. I anticipated that my hair would have a nice brown overall look to it, and it seemed that other than lightening my hair a shade or two it just made the parts of my hair brown that were already bleached. Next time I order my color kit from eSalon, I'll be sure to have a friend come over to help me bleach my hair first so I can truly get the color accuracy right with my stubborn hair.

I would say that if you have found that you can successfully color your hair with a box that you should get amazing results with eSalon's custom at-home hair color kit (but if you are like me and need to bleach your hair to get the color to cooperate, your results may not be exactly as expected).

Give eSalon a try for yourself for just $10 and get 50% off custom color orders through this special offer link:

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 (*)  Thanks to eSalon for partnering with me on this sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


  1. this box does seem to have everything you need regarding coloring your hair, I think that is pretty cool.


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