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Thrifting is fun with your friends, but it can be just as much fun with your spouse. Adam and I spent our last couple of date nights at the thrift store looking for furniture to use when we started to redecorate. Thanks to Lean Pockets for sponsoring our easy and carefree date night idea--today we're sharing our adventures finding and trekking everything home. 

The last two weeks or so, Adam and I have spent majority of our downtime searching for and collecting second-hand furniture at our local thrift stores. So naturally, that is how we've been spending our date nights! 

I know, I know. Thrifting doesn't seem like a glamorous date night. And let's be real--it isn't. But what I have learned is that not all date nights have to feel romantic to feel like I have spent quality time with my husband. In fact, I have realized that having the time to be silly and creative with Adam is just as (if not more) important than lovey-dovey, picturesque dates. Today, I'm talking a little bit about some of our recent thrifting experiences for our last few date nights!

We have found so many unique and affordable finds over the past few dates we've shared! I am especially loving the large mirrors we found, as well as the miniature chest with the marble top. The marble on the top of the chest alone is worth the price we paid--only $15! We also picked up a few small items from some local thrift shops, and some of my favorites include a marble horse bookend and some golden candlesticks. 

Adam's desk is by far the biggest piece of furniture we've moved back to our home without a rental moving truck. When we found this piece at the thrift shop only a few blocks from our apartment, we knew the journey getting it back to our place would be pretty interesting. After we paid a mere $75 for this gorgeous, claw-footed masterpiece we grabbed our moving dollie and began to make our way back home with it. 

Taking turns pushing, pulling, maneuvering, sliding, holding, and guarding Adam's new desk, we finally made it back to our place in under a half hour. With it being summer in Arizona, naturally, we thought it would be a great idea to bring home a 100 lb desk without a truck in 110 degrees (F) heat! Yeah...(sometimes I really wish there was a sarcasm font for the Internet!) 

Once we finally got everything through the door and escaped the heat, the last thing on my mind was cooking something in the oven. So we decided we'd finish our thrift shop date with something really easy to make that was fast and would satisfy our hunger until we were ready to finish cooling off and make something to eat later on--thankfully our friends at Lean Pockets sent us some boxes to enjoy so we had something really quick and easy to heat up and eat in order to refuel after our big thrifting adventure (our favorite is the White Meat Chicken Broccoli and Cheese with a whole grain crust).

If it were up to me, every piece of furniture would be from a thrift store. I love when everything in the home has a story behind it--I think it gives our apartment character, and I enjoy the process of reupholstering everything and making it our own. So it would only make sense that my husband and I would spend our date night finding items to bring home to make our apartment feel more like us!

Do you enjoy thrifting? Would you go on a date to a thrift store?

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