Easy, Quick Ways to Decorate for a Fall Party

Check out these easy, quick ways to decorate for a fall-themed party! Special thanks to our friends at I Love Ice Cream Cakes for sponsoring this fall party planning post.

Fall is such a fun time of year to host a party! 

I love everything about fall--the changing colors of the leaves, the cooler weather, the fun holidays that come with the time of year, and all of the comfort food we enjoy the most--which is the reason I host most of our parties during this season! 

There are a few tips that I have found helpful when it comes to throwing together and decorating for a fall party. Today, I'm sharing some of these tips that I have to ease some of the stress, concern, and planning that can go into hosting and preparing for a party this fall!

Easy, Quick Ways to Decorate for a Fall Party

Decorating for a party does not have to be complicated or time-consuming. Try any one of these party planning tips for your next event and I promise you it will save you some time and stress!

Party Tip #1: Invest in Multiuse Linens

When it comes to throwing multiple parties throughout the fall season, try to think about what all of your party decorations may have in common. For me, I thought a set of burnt orange linens with some burlap and lace accents would get a lot of mileage for some of the fall parties I throw every year including fall harvest and apple picking parties, pumpkin carving parties, Halloween parties, and our yearly Thanksgiving brunch! 

Having a tablecloth, table runner, napkins, and other linens for the party already set aside and ready to go will really speed up the decorating process. It takes away having to worry about how to pair all of the linens and decorations together so that you can focus on other parts of the fall party preparations. 

Party Tip #2: Dressing Up Reclaimed Wood as a Backdrop

I cannot tell you how many times this large piece of reclaimed wood has come in handy. I have used it as a backdrop for food photography, stock image photography, and even for party planning. 

Something like a wooden board can really take a hurried party setup to another level--adding some height, depth, and texture to your party setup will really make a difference. I recommend painting wood in a neutral color so that it can be used in a variety of situations--one side of my wooden backdrop is white (as shown), and the backside of it is painted black. Primarily, I use this board mostly for hanging banners and tassels when I am using it as a party decoration, as well as adding height to a party tablescape. 

Party Tip #3: Incorporate Your Home Decor into the Party Decor

The pumpkin floral centerpiece I used in these photos is currently sitting on my side table in our entry way (which is where it was before I grabbed it and threw it onto our party table). When you can find a way to utilize items around your home into your party decorations, this will cut down on the time/money it takes to drive to the store to buy decor.

Party Tip #4: Pair a Plain Cake Plate with a Festive Charger

A traditional, plain cake plate is a staple item for everyone's home. 

I have four different cake plates that I use for different things, and two of my cake plates are white. What I like to do with my white cake plates is decorate them to add an extra element to a party table. Recently, I decorated my cake plate with some fall leaves and autumnal berries, and for this blog post, I opted to not decorate this cake plate because the cake itself was already decorative!

One really easy and quick way to elevate your party decorations is by pairing your traditional cake plate with a festive, affordable charger you can find at your local craft supply store. 

Party Tip #5: Serve Food that can Double as a Decoration

Serving festive and beautiful foods can really cut down on the time it takes to decorate for a party! When I am preparing a full-on party spread, I try to fill my table with an assortment of bright and interesting appetizers, entrees, and even sometimes desserts that are pretty and can add to the overall look of the party table. 

I Love Ice Cream Cakes has a variety of delicious, decorative frozen ice cream cakes that work for all occasions. One of my favorites that you can look out for this fall is their pumpkin-themed Peanuts® Ice Cream Cake, and of course, another favorite is the OREO® Ice Cream Cake (as shown in our pictures). We picked our OREO® Ice Cream Cake up at our grocery store in the bakery section, and some of the other cakes I saw that were available were Carvel® cakes, Hello Kitty® cakes, and Jon Donaire® cakes.

You can sign up to join the Crunchie Club and receive I Love Ice Cream Cakes product news, coupons, and other info. If you're interested in learning more you can join here. In addition to coupons and other I Love Ice Cream Cakes news, you can find more cake inspirations and helpful ideas in the Party Tips section of their website. 

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  1. Love these! I also like to use seasonal wall signage in our decor (since I don't like having seasonal nail holes in my wall). I'll use plate stands to stand them up (so they don't fall over!) and set them as centerpieces, on countertops, anywhere. I have yet to make a floral pumpkin but this one is great!

    1. Yes--totally agree about the seasonal nail holes in the wall!

  2. Gorgeous ideas! That centerpiece is super pretty.

  3. Super great tips to make decorating easy. We have friends over often, these will help me not stress so much. The ice cream Oreo cake is a great idea...always delicious and easy! Great post!

  4. Wonderful ideas! Simple is definitely best, I think, when it comes to decorating. I especially love food that doubles as decorations.

  5. Yum, I love Oero anything! Stunning pumpkin centerpiece.
    Happy Fall,


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