10 Grilling Season Must-Have Ingredients

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This year, Adam and I have put a focus on doing our meal prep and learning to more effectively shop for groceries. Since we've been making some changes to how we shop, we've learned in these few months just how practical it can be to have an idea of what your grocery necessities are. 

Learning how to shop for groceries in a more-efficient way has taught me a lot about meal planning, as well as what sorts of ingredients to keep around the kitchen during certain times of the year. The more I write down and journal what ingredients I am buying and need for our weekly recipes, the more I learn about just exactly what ingredients are must-haves.

With the weather so beautiful outside, we have spent much of our time preparing dinner outdoors. We've been using our grill more and more lately and with some time and quite a few trips to the grocery store, I've gotten a sense of what some of our grilling season must-have ingredients are. Today, I'm sharing a tutorial list that includes every item we consider to be an absolute necessity for all of our favorite grilled meals!

10 Grilling Season Must-Have Ingredients

Below you will find a comprehensive tutorial checklist outlining the necessary ingredients to have a successful (and tasty) grilling season! If you follow this list for inspiration before you go grocery shopping for a BBQ or even a spontaneous weekday dinner, you are sure to be ready to get grilling! 

1. Steak

No grill is complete without a favorite protein--my husband's favorite grilling protein is steak, so we always make sure to have some ribeyes or shanks on hand. 

2. Chicken

My favorite protein (like many others) is chicken, so for me, it's an absolute necessity to have chicken when grilling. Chicken is such a versatile protein you can do a lot with--especially on the barbecue! 

3. Sausages

A popular choice for most barbecues all season long is sausages! Whether you prefer bratwurst, kielbasa, andouille, Italian, or a unique flavor like chorizo, you can take your grilling season to the next level if you keep some sausages on hand before you hit the BBQ.

4. Spare ribs

Everyone loves a good rack of ribs on the grill--and the choices for sauces and marinades are endless!

5. Tomato

Tomato is an underappreciated ingredient to keep on hand for a barbecue and it can be used in many ways! Have you ever tried a grilled tomato? 

Knock the socks off of your guests at your weekend BBQ by cutting a tomato in half, rubbing it in olive oil, sprinkling with salt and black pepper, and grilling it up right on the grate right until before it starts to burn (about 10 minutes). 

Even if that's not your style, tomatoes are still arguably essential to have while grilling since they compliment so many proteins you are going to grill. 

6. Corn

If you've ever looked on Pinterest (I mean, at this point who hasn't), you are sure to have seen the grilled corn craze that erupts every spring and summer. There's a reason for that--grilled corn is fantastic! You can find any number of delicious grilled corn on the cob recipes to try, or you can grill it up "naked" and just add butter and salt when it's done. 

7. Mushroom

Grilled portobello mushrooms are a great appetizer for any barbecue, and shiitake mushrooms are wonderful to grill and serve alongside a steak! 

8. Onion

Like tomatoes, onions are an underappreciated grilling season must-have. White onion is an absolute must, followed by a yellow onion and then a red onion. The possibilities of grilling with onions are endless, and like I mentioned with corn, Pinterest has an overwhelming amount of ways you can get inspiration from to creatively make use of your onion while you are cooking up something delicious on the grill. 

9. Asparagus

Asparagus is the mother-in-law of all grilling season must-haves. It's a bit more refined and it's a healthy vegetable, so when you have it around your grilling station will look more put together and people won't judge you as much for your lack of culinary finesse! But all jokes aside, asparagus is a delicious addition to a barbecue and arguably one of my favorite grilling must-have ingredients. 

10. Potato

I think we can all argue that potato is a must-have ingredient for almost any occasion, but potatoes are by far are a well-favored side dish for all BBQs and will be loved all grilling season long!

Are there any more you'd add? Comment below and let us know!

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  1. Grilling season is the best! I love to get out there and grill up some pig and roast some veggies.

  2. I have been looking at switching all my plastics to glass containers. I need to find a good deal before I go in 100% -

  3. I am all about the corn and mushrooms when it comes to grilling. Of course, my husband prefers the meats but I am team-veggie all the way.

  4. I am not a meat heavy person but I love grilled corn. Mexican street corn is my fave!

  5. These are all great grilling ingredients and I LOVE those Rubbermaid containers!!! Great post!!

  6. I am so excited for grilling season It is my favorite way to cook. I will have to pick up the Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE food storage container system.

  7. Great list and makes me wish we weren't getting snow this weekend! I am ready to grill! (client)

  8. I love grilling meat as well vegggies. This is a great list of grilling must haves.

  9. I've been "dying" to try those containers! I would love to try them for meal prep especially since they stack easily. So much better.

  10. It has been a long time since I have grilled out. We have been grilling on the George Foreman grills lately. I plan on grilling out before it gets too hot outside. I love chicken, potatoes, and corn.

  11. Here in Texas, it's always grilling season. I try to keep most of these ingredients on hand at all times, so we can grill at the spur of the moment.

  12. Oh man! Your list makes me want to go out and grill right now! We just bought some steaks and I can't wait to eat them!

  13. I love this Rubbermaid storage system, looks like a great way to keep everything organized!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  14. Omg I just love grilling!!!!! I can't wait for warmer weather here in NY so we can break out the grill!!

  15. In my family, it's not a cookout unless you have hamburgers and hot dogs. They are the staples for every family get-together.


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