Our Weekend Staycation at The Hassayampa Inn (Prescott, AZ)

Just 2 hours north of Phoenix, downtown Prescott occupies an eclectic group of local restaurants, artisan shops, boutique hotels, and is filled with rich Arizona history! We enjoyed a weekend staycation in downtown Prescott and spent the night at The Hassayampa Inn.

Last weekend, Adam and I took a little road trip and had a staycation in Northern Arizona.

Believe it or not, I have never been to Prescott! I know, right?! It always surprises me when I realize there are parts of Arizona I have never visited before, especially since I have lived here since I was a teenager. But as I've grown to love Phoenix and learn the nooks and crannies of almost every major neighborhood, sometimes I feel as though I've "mastered" Greater Phoenix and am ready for a change of scenery. 

One of the great things about living in Arizona is that I am within a few hours from some incredibly different climates and gorgeous scenery! This weekend, Adam and I jumped in our 2017 Toyota Prius Prime and hit the road for Prescott.

We opted to stay in downtown Prescott since from what I've read online, most of the excitement can be found downtown. Our drive up north was beautiful (minus a little bit of roadwork and some construction on the 17N). We did have a chance to stop at the Sunset view lookout along the route and got out of the car for a quick bathroom break and a chance to admire some of the mountain views.

After our quick pitstop, it was only another 40 minutes or so on the road until we finally reached downtown Prescott! When we first arrived, we headed straight for The Hassayampa Inn where we were spending the night. They weren't able to check us in right away since we arrived a bit earlier than the normal checkout time, so we dropped off our bags and spent a few hours exploring downtown. 

All of the little shops coupled with the mom and pa cafes and restaurants downtown really give you a sense of community in Prescott! It was really lovely to see the older architecture preserved--the brick buildings and the older streetlamps. Everyone in town was very friendly and Adam and I had a wonderful time window shopping in the artisan shops and boutiques along Gurley Street, and we grabbed a few snacks here and there along the way at some of the unique cafes. 

After a few hours of exploring, we finally got a call from the front desk at The Hassayampa Inn letting us know our room was ready. We headed back to check in, relax, and took a quick shower to wash the road off (if you take road trips frequently, you know what I'm talking about). 

Hands down, The Hassayampa Inn is the place to stay if you want to get a true downtown Prescott experience. Everything is in a 5-10 minutes walking distance from the lobby of the inn, and they have their own private parking lot so you can drop your car off when you check-in and forget about it for the weekend. 

Perhaps my favorite thing about The Hassayampa Inn is the decor of the lobby. I was blown away when I first walked in--it was like walking into a large room designed with only antique pieces of furniture and decor, and it was lovely! From the gorgeous piano sitting in the back corner of the lobby to the intricate details on woodwork on the ceiling, everything in the lobby was stunning!

Adam and I had the chance to sit down in the bar next to a large window seat just across from the lobby. We sat there and enjoyed a few drinks, did some people watching of downtown from the window, had a light dinner, and then we headed back to our room to catch some sleep before another exciting day of adventuring the next day!

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Thank you to Toyota and The Hassayampa Inn for partnering with us and making our adventures memorable!


  1. Prescott looks super cute! My parents talk about visiting there often :)

  2. awww looks like you had a nice time, i have never been to Arizona before so its nice to read about Prescott.

    1. Arizona is wonderful and has so much to see and do! Definitely worth a trip out here some time I think :)

  3. I love Prescott and staycations! Sounds like a great weekend.


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