13 Taco Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo would not be complete without some tasty tacos at your fiesta! Enjoy any one of these 13 different taco recipes for the holiday, for #tacotuesday, or any occasion really. I mean, let's be honest, do we need a reason to eat more tacos?

Whether you like traditional carnitas or not, we've got a bunch of different taco recipes for you to try!

Not every taco needs jalapeƱo and salsa. Tacos come in all shapes and sizes, flavors, and ingredients. Sure, I'll take a taquito any day and load it up with some salsa verde. But sometimes I want a different flavor palette and want to enjoy my tacos in a different way. I figure what better day to have some fun and explore different tacos recipes than Cinco de Mayo! 

Below you'll find taco recipes inspired by Southwestern, Korean, SoCal, and other kinds of cuisines (including this sweet potato taco with avocado salsa from The Rustic Foodie featured above)!  

Taco Recipes for Cinco de Mayo

Guacamole Tacos with Southwestern Veggie Salsa from  Peas & Crayons

Coconut Crusted Fish Tacos from  Lively Table

Smoky Grilled Pork Tacos from  Recipes from a Pantry

Firecracker Chipotle Tacos from  Pack Momma

Mexican Shrimp Tacos from  Ciao Florentina

Carne Asada Tacos from  Pinch and Swirl

Pulled Pork Tacos from  Home and Plate

Bulgogi Beef Korean Tacos from  Hapa Nom Nom 

Healthy Baked Salmon Tacos from  Salt & Lavender

Shredded Pork Tacos with Pepita Slaw from  Sidewalk Shoes

Chipotle Chickpea & Sweet Potato Tacos from  Cook with Manali

Popcorn Tacos from  Tara's Multicultural Table

Sweet Potato Tacos with Avocado Salsa from  The Rustic Foodie

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  1. We set out taco bar now. Everyone can make their own favorite taco and everyone is happy.

  2. Do I have to wait for #tacotuesday cause I want all of these right now and everyday!

  3. My sister's birthday is Cinco de Mayo, so we always serve our tacos with birthday cake ;)

  4. the Firecracker Chipotle Tacos look SOO good. I love tacos, they are probably my favorite food ever!

  5. Okay, now I'm craving tacos even more than I was before!


  6. SO fun! Tacos are my favourite food and now I want them every night (not just cinco de mayo lol)! Thanks for this lovely post :) Cheers, Mary Jane

  7. LOVE Mexican food and these tacos ALL look yummy...they also look fresh and healthy

  8. Nothing better than Taco Night!


  9. I love tacos so much! These all looked so good!

  10. What great ideas! I am always down for tacos!

  11. Ooh yum!! I'm totally saving this for Taco Tuesdays and Cinco de Mayo!!! Thanks for sharing all these great recipes!
    xoxo Barb

  12. You had me at coconut! Coconut Fish Tacos?! I am there!!! These all look so yummy!

  13. ALL of these tacos look amazing! Popcorn tacos?? My kids would LOVE that!

  14. All of these look delicious! My favorite is the salmon ones. YUM!


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