7 Skewers Recipes for your Summer BBQ

Enjoy all 7 of these grilled skewers recipes all season long at your weekend BBQs and summer parties! Featuring chicken, turkey, lamb, and shrimp skewers and kabob recipes.

There is no better time of year to enjoy a relaxing afternoon grilling up everyone's favorites by the pool! 

Summer means lots and lots of grilled foods for us. We'll grill anything from corn on the cob to veggies, chicken wings to steak tips, hot dogs to hamburgers, or even peaches (and then loaded them up with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream and some sprinkled cinnamon!) No matter what we're enjoying on the grill at our weekend cookout, we're always on the hunt for a new summer recipe to try! 

Today, I'm sharing some tasty skewers recipes from some of my favorite foodies (including this delicious, curry-lime chicken kebabs recipe shown above from Confetti Kitchen!)

Skewers Recipes for your Summer BBQ

Below you'll find an assortment of delicious, summer skewer recipes perfect for your cookout or summer parties! Be sure to save as many of these recipes as you'd like, and get all of the ingredients and directions lists on each of these bloggers' websites! 

Grilled Hawaiian Turkey Kabobs from  My Gluten-Free Kitchen

Mint & Honey Hawaiian Shrimp Skewers from  Home & Plate

Jerk Chicken Skewers with Pineapple Habanero Sauce from  Major Hoff Takes a Wife

Herb-Crusted Lamb Kebabs from  Garlic and Zest

Hot and Spicy Chicken Skewers from  Sprinkles and Sprouts

Honey Sriracha Grilled Chicken Skewers from  My Organized Chaos

Curry-Lime Chicken Kebabs from  Confetti Kitchen

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  1. We love making skewers. Your jerk chicken looks great. I am gonna add peaches next time....I've seen this done but not tried it! Thank goodness for grilling season!

  2. All of these look and sound so good! I totally want to try the jerk chicken skewers soon! starla.batesATyahoo.com

  3. I need to add these to my summer cooking list! Tired of the same boring ood!

  4. I love that these can be grilled up -- outside -- without heating up the kitchen.

  5. Love the shrimp skewers - all these skewers need is some pineapple, onions and veggies!

  6. The honey srircah skewers look amazing!

    Krissie L.

  7. The honey srircah skewers look amazing!

    Krissie L.

  8. I used to make skewers a lot. I'd take hot dog buns, put garlic butter on them and wrap them in foil to lightly toast them in the oven while the food was grilling. Yummy!

  9. These look like awesome skewers.

  10. I love making skewers. You can use just about any meat and then add the veggies you want.

  11. Awesome. Love the blog.

  12. Oh Man......those look super delicious. That's a wonderful Summer recipe idea.


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