Cactus Party Ideas

Plan your next summer party with these cactus-inspired decor and food ideas! This party planning inspiration post is inspired by my current sponsored partnership with Sparkling Ice.

Keep your party planning skills SHARP with these cactus party ideas! After all, you don't want to DESERT this fun summer theme--cacti are so hot right now (please tell me you just heard that line from Zoolander in your head, too).

This summer, throw a brunch, cookout, or even a bachelorette party with a cactus theme (just imagine all the cactus/prick/succ/thorny jokes and you get the picture!) No matter your reason for planning a party, get inspired to decorate and shop for your next summer shindig with these cactus party ideas!

Cactus Puns and Jokes for Party Signs, Cards, & Invitations:

-You're a Prick
-Can't Touch This
-Succ It
-Lookin' Sharp
-Aloe you very much
-I think you are Succulent!
-Free Hugs
-I'll never Desert You
-CactI = Cact-you = CactUS
-We're Rooting for you
-Chicks before Pricks
-You're Stuck with Me/Us
-Life would Succ without you
-Aloe there!
-Me So Thorny
-Hey, Succa! I dig you!

Cactus Food Ideas
-carve a watermelon into the shape of a cactus
-succulent cupcakes in mason jars
-green drinks (e.g. Sparkling Ice Kiwi Strawberry flavor)
-pretzels dipped in green chocolate melt
-green cupcakes arranged in the shape of a cactus
-green ice cream scooped into brown ice cream cones
-prickly pear margaritas and/or lemonade

Cactus Party Decor Ideas
-cactus piƱata
-green balloons with thorns drawn on
-green plastic fork/knives inside a brown planter
-cactus-shaped party banner
-succulent party favors
-cactus straws and/or cactus table

Thanks to Sparkling Ice for sponsoring my cactus party ideas post! You can shop for the Sparkling Ice Variety pack (including their Strawberry Kiwi flavor, which is perfect for a green cactus party drink) on Amazon, or at your local retailer! 

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  1. I have been loving the cactus trend lately so I love these party ideas! The straw decorations are too cute!

  2. What a fun party theme idea! I hadn't thought to decorate straws, but I think it's brilliant!

  3. What a cute party theme! Your list of cactus puns and jokes is seriously the best!

  4. Love all your ideas for a cactus-themed party! I would totally try these out. :)

  5. OMG the cactus straws are adorable! I love all your puns- I think my favorite is "life would Succ without you". Such a cute party idea!

  6. Love this idea! It's very different but such fun you can have with it. The straws are cute and that list of puns is very clever. Great job!

  7. Great ideas will definitely try them

  8. How fun!!! I love cactus everything (good thing I live in the desert), and these ideas are adorable!

  9. Oh my gosh!! So many cute ideas!! Loving this cactus theme!

  10. This is beyond cute! I'm cactus obsessed so this is right up my alley!



  11. I never would have thought to have a cactus party. Hahaha...I love the whole "You can't touch this" thing.

  12. Thanks! I love cactus plants. I have a whole bunch of them.

  13. These are adorable ideas! Such a cute theme for a summer party!

  14. Those are sharp ideas for a party. Stick it to me.
    slehan at juno dot com

    1. Hahaha that's awesome! ALL the cactus puns!


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