5 Must-Haves to Revamp Your Summer Closet

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"Spring cleaning" isn't just for the spring season anymore! 

I spent my entire spring traveling to Mexico, Seattle, and New England, and I definitely did not have an opportunity to block out a day here and there so I could do some spring cleaning around our home. But just because my schedule has been crazy these last few months shouldn't mean I have to deny myself (and my poor, cluttered closets) the right to be deep cleaned and organized. This summer, Adam and I are blocking out a few weekends to revamp our closet and storage spaces. 

Last week, I took some time to revamp my bedroom closet and transition my wardrobe from winter and spring items to summer clothing and accessories. Today, I'm sharing 5 must-have items if you're planning on organizing and refreshing your summer closet!

Before I had the opportunity to spend my afternoon revamping my wardrobe, my closet looked terrible! My shoes were in a gigantic pile up at the top with no sense of organization, which would explain why it takes me an extra 5 minutes every day to find a pair of shoes to wear! All of my coats, jackets, and winter sweaters were taking over the majority of the room in my closet, and that it made it significantly more difficult to find an appropriate top to wear in three digit temperatures. (Only a lunatic would wear a long-sleeved wool sweater when it's 118 degrees outside!)

After dedicating an afternoon to cleaning out and refreshing my closet, I am pleased to say it has been so much easier getting dressed and ready to run out the door in the mornings. Not to mention, it sort of still feels like Christmas morning every time I open my closet since I can now see all of the warm weather clothes I brought to the front of my closet. I completely forget I owned so many beautiful wraps, rompers, bikinis, and summer maxi dresses!

5 Must-Haves to Revamp Your Summer Closet
#1 Shoe Rack

Every bedroom closet deserves at least one shoe rack (or maybe even more, if you have the space and you really like shoe shopping!) Having a shoe rack benefits you when organizing your wardrobe for the summer months, since you have a chance to put your bright, colorful sandals on display that you don't get to wear most of the months of the year. When you see them, you'll be reminded that you own them and can wear them! Not to mention, my shoe rack keeps the top of my closet neat and discourages me from putting all of my sandals, wedges, and heels in a large messy pile.
#2 Nails/Hammer

Once I had the idea of hanging items on the wall inside of my closet, I knew it would help me to cut down on the clutter and stop piling everything on the floor and in the corner of my closet. I grabbed a few nails and a hammer and placed a few nails along the back wall of my closet to hang different accessories as the seasons change. You can really hang anything in the closet from necklaces to bracelets, to small clutches and handbags, to even baseball caps and sun hats!

#3 Summer Hat Wall

My good friend, Olivia, has a gorgeous hat wall decorated above her bed frame. Her wall inspired my idea of using the nails I hung up in my closet wall for hat storage! Whether you have the space to hang your hats inside of your closet or even up on your bedroom wall, a hat gallery is a great way to showcase all of your gorgeous sunhats as well as perk up a dull wall. Getting your hats up off the floor and onto a wall works as a decoration and also a chic storage solution!

#4 Swimsuit Basket

I could not tell you how many times I've been unable to locate the second half of a bikini! Because of this, I almost always end up mismatching my swimsuit separates when we go to the pool. Most of the time that does not bother me, but on occasion, I want to know exactly where all of my bikinis are. I found this wire basket at a thrift store for $1, and I thought it would be a great way to store my bathing suits all in one place so I can see exactly what is in the basket. (And, it makes it easier for me to reach right in and grab my swimsuit so I can head to the pool faster!) 

I also have a few cover ups and kimonos hanging up in my closet, and since I have had my swimsuits in my basket right there in my closet, I can easily accessorize and match my outfits so I look picture-perfect when I head to the resort pools or hit the river with some friends on the weekend!

#5 Storage for Out of Season Clothing Items

Perhaps the easiest way to revamp your summer closet is by storing away all of the clothing you won't wear this season. You can not only save space when you store out of season clothing, but it also lets you put away and catalog all of your winter jackets, boots, sweaters, scarves, or even mittens for next season. 

By bringing all of your summer clothing and accessories to the front and center of your closet, you cut down on the time it takes for you to get ready, and it is so much easier to throw an outfit together! Once I gather all of my non-summer essentials into a pile, I start to put them away in storage using Ziploc® Space Bags® and  Ziploc®  Flexible Totes from Lowe's. (For my summer closet revamp, I used the Ziploc® Space Bag® 2 Cube Variety Pack and the Ziploc® Flexible Totes Jumbo.)

The Ziploc® Space Bags®** new film with shield technology offers the toughest protection, so all of your clothing is free from some of those worrisome closet issues such as bugs, dirt, or mildew. 

Depending on what you want to store away for the season, you can learn more about which types of Ziploc® Space Bags® and other Ziploc® Storage solutions are the right bags for the right usage conditions on their website here. If you're planning to store away any soft or fluffy clothing, blankets, or bedding, I'd recommend the Ziploc® Space Bag® 2 Cube Variety Pack (just make sure the items you store away in the Ziploc® Space Bags®  are "shrinkable").

**compared to uncompressed storage volume

You can find the  Ziploc® Space Bag® 2 Cube Variety Pack and the Ziploc® Flexible Totes Jumbo in the home organization aisle at Lowe's. (Mine was towards the back of the store, but you can ask an associate to  help you find it at your specific store, too!)

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  1. I just got some of those space bags. I got them for something else (comforters), but I will have some left to use on my closet.

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  5. I love these ideas! A neat, tidy and organised closet is essential - otherwise you end up never wearing half your clothes! I like the idea of a hat rack!

  6. I love the idea of adding nails to hang up things like hats and bags, such a good idea. I bet it's so much nicer choosing clothes now things are organised x

  7. We just moved and had to used these. Let me just say how much I loved them. Everyone needs to use them lol.

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  14. totally with ya! I have to "spring clean" my closet at the start of each season, maybe it's because I don't have a huge walk in but it help me mentally too.

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