10 Spooky Sweets and Treats for Halloween

Celebrate the Halloween season with these spooky sweets from my fellow foodie bloggers!

Halloween is only a few weeks ago, but admittedly, Adam and I have been preparing for a couple of months now! Our love of this spooky season was one of the first things we discovered we both had in common when we were friends as teenagers. 

The first time Adam and I hung out alone together without the rest of our friends was when we were still in high school, and we watched the movie Halloween in his living room and then he spent hours showing me spooky YouTube videos he found online. Half of the videos were ridiculous pop-ups of scary witches and ghosts that would just come up on the screen while it was quiet, and every single time it scared the living poop emoji out of me and then we would start laughing so hard we started to tear up. I like to be scared, and he liked to scare me. So it would seem like a match made in Heaven in the works even from when we were "just friends" in high school.

I was an aggressive young lady--you know, in the way that was like "hey, I think you're cute maybe we should make out?" kind of way. And Adam was shy and had never been talked to that way. But even as a young woman I was the kind of person who knew what she wanted, and was not afraid to ask for it. 

So as an homage to our first time really spending quality time together and getting to know each other, Adam and I watch Halloween every year and laugh about how awkward we were together when we were just figuring out the dynamic of our relationship, and how much my interest in him at the time actually terrified him more than those scary YouTube videos scared me. 

Today, I am sharing a curated collection of spooky sweets perfect for your Halloween festivities (including this Halloween Freakshake shown above from Supper in the Suburbs blog!) 

Spooky Sweets and Treats for Halloween

A little grotesque, a little scary, and some not-so-spooky, these treat recipes from my fellow foodie bloggers are sure to inspire you to prepare for the more terrifying holiday of the year! 

Halloween Witch Hats Treat from  Cincy Shopper

Spooky Halloween Ice Cream Floats from  Our Mini Family 

Bloody Cups for Halloween from  Elephantastic Vegan

Puking Pumpkin Dessert Dip from  Frugal Foodie Mama

Easy Slime Eyeball Halloween Cupcakes from  Busy Creating Memories

Meringue Ghosts from  Spatula in My Pocket

Creepy Witches Fingers from  Nums the Word 

Creepy Halloween Bloodshot Monster Eyeball Donuts from  Crayons & Cravings

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pumpkins from  Inside the Rustic Kitchen

Halloween Freakshake from  Supper in the Suburbs

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  1. Those are some of the cutest, creepy deserts and treats I have seen. A couple even I could make easily, kind of lol My fave is the Freak Shake with the fake well empty syringe!

  2. What a great list of spooky sweets and treats for Halloween! I so want to bake and make up everything you shared here. I love Halloween :)

  3. Yummy! This such a fun and creative idea this coming Halloween!

  4. These are so fun!! I love the witch hats! Such great ideas - we may need to make a few of these for our Girl Scout Troop!

  5. Oh wow. This is really looks yummy and I love to try these sweets for our Halloween party

  6. You've got some fun ideas here for the kiddos. I love this time of year! Good eats that are cute too are always a win-win.


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