Move Over LBD, Little Red Dress is Here

Bringing back the occasional fashion blog post by popular demand, featuring this darling little red dress and suede and gold platform high heels perfect for the holiday season!

I'm embracing the red dress dancer emoji in real life for the holidays this year!

Usually, I am more drawn to darker dresses and using glitter to bring the holiday spirit into my wardrobe, but this year, I am embracing bold reds and shimmering golds to show off my Christmas cheer. 

After having lost 70 pounds, I have still been trying to rediscover my sense of style in different clothing. Typically, I lean to darker clothes since they are traditionally more flattering, but now that I feel healthier and happier and more confident in the way that I look, I've been making room for brighter clothing in my closet. This red dress is so fun and flirty, and it's absolutely perfect for Christmas parties (and I may even break it out of the closet again for Valentine's Day next year, too!) 

Adam has always told me to wear more red, and now I am thinking that I may need to start to listen to him! This red dress is perfect for the holidays and so comfortable to wear, so I can enjoy the Christmas festivities all night without feeling too snug or like the waist or sleeves will cut off my circulation. The material is so flattering for larger figures, and it helps bring out my desirable hourglass figure. 

I think, for now, I'll keep my favorite little black dresses stored at the back of my closet. This little red dress is so darling and gives me all of the holiday feels!

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  1. I love the dress! It is so festive and speaks power. You could dress it up with some Holiday jewelry or a shawl, scarf or leave it as is for wearing to school functions etc Congrats on your weight lose, still struggling here.

  2. You look stunning in this dress! I love the sheer details! This would be perfect for a holiday party!

  3. This dress is beautiful and you look fantastic in it! You really do look great in red. I need to get one. I love red dresses too!

  4. Wow, You really looks beautiful in your dress and that was a beautiful color perfect dress for Holiday

  5. Yep, Adam is spot on. Red is your color. The dress is gorgeous!


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