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Too cold to go out? Not a problem! Make time for your spouse and enjoy a date at home--and in bed together! See our breakfast in bed date night idea below and all of the essentials you need! (Big Fig Mattress affiliate)

When it's cold outside and all you want to do is cuddle up under all of the blankets in bed, date night sounds like too much effort. But that's when you bring date night to you and switch things up!

Adam and I have not been coping well with the cold these last two weeks. We have been living in Arizona for quite some time now, so feeling temperatures as low as the 30s (F) is a bit uncomfortable, to say the least. Too often we hear that we are acting like babies and complaining because 30s "isn't cold" for other people across the country. But what they don't understand is that our summer high can get up to 110-120 degrees (F) and our winter average is around 70 degrees. So to face the 30s, that is a huge gap in temperature change! But as much as we bundle up in layers, we can't help but want to crawl back onto our new Big Fig mattress and get warm under our giant comforter when we even think about going out for date night!

Last week, we switched things up and had a date night at home that was more of an anti-date night...a breakfast date in bed! Keep reading to see our 'breakfast in bed' date idea, as well as learn more about our new plus size mattress from Big Fig!

Breakfast in Bed - Date Night Essentials

#1 Breakfast Tray

Every home should have a breakfast tray! That is, if you ever want your husband to surprise you with breakfast in bed on your birthday or have your kids spoil you on Mother's Day! 

#2 Comfy & Cute Pajamas

I think it's safe to say I own more items of loungewear/pajamas than I do normal clothes. I mean, I work from home, so it's always a good investment to stock up on comfy leggings. But I have a surplus of beautiful, chic loungewear and nightgowns that I can comfortable wear all day if I am lounging around our condo (without feeling like a total scrub because they are cute and chic!) When it comes to our dates at home, sometimes I like to dress down but still look and feel sexy--so that is where comfy and cute pajamas come into play!

#3 Something Sweet

Make sure to stock up on something sweet to enjoy with your sweetie! Nothing is more fun for date night at home than a little sugar rush--we prefer to enjoy our sweetness through pastries like blueberry and chocolate chip muffins.

#4 Fresh Fruit

No breakfast is complete without fresh fruit, and the same goes for a breakfast in bed date! Stock up on fresh strawberries, blueberries, or whatever your prefered breakfast fruits may be. We reccomend strawberries, well, because they are the most romantic fruit!

#5 Coffee (or Mimosas!)

Depending on whether or not you wanna get energized or have a fiesta, you can get that coffee/mimosa juice flowing for your date at home! Quench your thirst with your preferred breakfast food drink, and cuddle up under the blankets with your spouse and enjoy some quality time at home away from technology and all of the distractions that come into our lives every day!

With our new Big Fig Mattress, it's hardly possible to find any real reason to get out of bed on the weekends. 

For all those years when we struggled with back pain from our old, worn out mattress we had before sleeping in and lounging in our pajamas under the covers was not an option. Now, we look for any reason we can to crawl back in bed, including this date night idea that anyone can do on any budget at home (so no more excuses to explain why you can't make date night happen with your spouse!) 

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  1. I recently got a new mattress and I know what you mean about not wanting to get out of bed, so warm and cozy. I love your idea about breakfast in bed or date night with some great fruit and food in bed.

  2. Food is not allowed in the bedrooms in our house, but I love the idea of having a date night in the bedroom. Maybe we could do a puzzle up there or something :)

  3. There definitely days I rather not get out of bed. And a few nights were going to have a date night in we are trying to come up with different ideas. It might be fun to have breakfast in bed.

  4. I would make that a date DAY! An entire day of just being lazy in bed sounds like a great way to reconnect and recharge.

  5. I have never had breakfast in bed before but I would SO love that. Perhaps this is a post to forward to my husband as a cute, Valentine's hint?

  6. What a great idea! We've never had a date like this before so it sounds like a good start to Valentine's Day to me.

  7. I wish I could enjoy a breakfast in bed. Those days are history when you have kids! Enjoy it now!

  8. Great ideas on how to enjoy date night during the cold winter months! Looks like you guys had a fun time.

  9. It has been so cold here this winter. This is a fantastic date night idea I will have to add it to the short list for next month's ideas.

  10. I love that date idea! My husband and I LOVE our binge nights where we take a good portion of the day doing nothing while watching Netflix with our snacks.

  11. Breakfast in bed is the best! Sometimes you just have to get a date night in where ever you can find time. - Sarah, Must Have Mom


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