Weekday Game Night Essentials

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Game day season is in full swing here in the Mini household! 

When Adam and I started looking for a new place to live during our move over the summer, one of our must-haves was a large enough living room/dining room where we could have a few people over who could sit comfortably while watching the game. Our old condo, which we did love, just was not big enough to truly make a small group of people feel comfortable. We want to ensure that when we invite a few people over to watch the game that they feel like they are not cramped into a small space. Also, this apartment came with cable installed already, so we already have more channels (which means even more access to watch many other football games we wouldn't normally get to see!) 

Now that we've gotten settled into our new apartment and our living room is furnished and decorated, we can begin having friends over for game day! Normally, we would be watching the game over the weekend and have an entire day to prepare. We have enjoyed making all kinds of fun, delicious game day snacks, game day appetizers packed with cheese, and game day appetizers that are packed with some heat and made with jalapeños. But in all fairness, those recipes take time to shop for, prep, and complete. Since there are plenty of games we want to watch this season that fall on a Monday or a Thursday night, we have been brainstorming and coming up with a list of what we consider to be weekday game night essentials. 

Simplify your game day prep time with some of these essentials--even when game day happens to fall on a work day in the middle of the week, you can still enjoy all of the delicious food that you would normally get from a game day on a Sunday! Don't compromise on savory appetizers just because you don't have all day to prepare a recipe or two--keep it simple, stick to the basics, and save time with convenient products you can grab at your local Walmart. Check out our list of essentials below!

Weekday Game Night Essentials

#1 Chicken Wings

What game day is complete without chicken wings? We like to take the time to bake and deep fry chicken wings marinated and seasoned by hand, but in the middle of the week, there is no way we would have time for that without missing the game. 

For game day that falls during the middle of the week, Adam and I like to cook up a sheet of frozen chicken wings. In the past, we've tossed other frozen chicken wings in Frank's RedHot buffalo sauce after they've been cooked, but now that they offer the wings already cooked and frozen for convenience in their Frank's RedHot Buffalo flavor, we just make sure to stock up on a few different flavors of the Frank's RedHot bone-in wings from Walmart before game day! 

#2 A Cheesy Appetizer (bonus points if it has potatoes involved)

Just like chicken wings, we can't imagine game day without some form of a cheesy appetizer to enjoy during the game! 

This week, Adam and I prepared a simple, buffalo sauce with queso tater tot casserole--we started with a layer of frozen tater tots in the dish, baked them 3/4 of the way through, topped the tots with queso and jalapeños, put it back in the oven to finish baking, and then drizzled Frank's RedHot Buffalo sauce all over. So yummy!

#3 Soda Pop/Drinks

No get-together is complete without something to drink. We cannot forget drinks, and whether it is bottles of water or cans of soda pop, we always make sure to have plenty of options ready for game night!

#4 Cheese and Crackers and/or Chips and Salsa

Make sure you have a finger food that anyone can enjoy without needing a plate, too! Quick snacks in-between the plays need a few seconds to enjoy, and sometimes, going to the kitchen to grab a plate or bowl means you're going to miss seeing an exciting play like an interception or even an important missed field goal (and there have been quite a few of those so far this year!) Cheese and crackers or even a chips and salsa platter is great finger food for a weeknight game day!

We always make sure to stop by Walmart before the game, so we can stock up on all of our snacks, drinks, and ingredients. The frozen, bone-in chicken wings from Frank's RedHot taste delicious and we have been really loving the "Kickin' BBQ" flavor! The "Buffalo" flavor is a classic as well, and it's definitely a good choice for game day (as well as their "Original" flavor chicken wings). 

Walmart always has all of the snacks we need for game day, and it's even more convenient to stock up on easy-to-make or pre-cooked snacks that don't require excessive prep time (like frozen chicken wings or cheese and cracker platters). The Walmart deli often has cheese plates prepared that you can buy with an assortment of cheeses already cut and assembled. 

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  1. There is nothing like a good games night and these seem like the most perfect snacks to go with a good battle of the whits while playing.

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