A Few "Thank You" Gift Ideas for the Office

Not sure what kind of gift to get your boss, co-worker, or client? We've got some gift ideas for this upcoming holiday season that are specific to the workplace. Special thanks to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post!

Gift giving season is nearly upon us, which means now is the time to start considering what you will be doing to show others you care during the busy holiday season. Spending years working in the freelance field, I always make a point to try to thank each of the clients I work with in a thoughtful and personal way. Every once in a while, after a big project or a huge favor, I like to mail out thank you gifts to the clients I work with the most, along with a customized thank you card expressing my gratitude for wanting to work with me and wishing them well!

Today, I am sharing a few ideas for a "thank you" gift for professionals or for the office, because sometimes, there will be a need for providing more than just a "thank you" card and having an idea of what kinds of gifts are deemed appropriate for the workplace is key. Don't let the fear of buying the wrong item keep you from giving your coworkers or clients a thoughtful thank you gift, or a holiday gift, and get a better idea of what kinds of things you can consider when putting together a gift or a gift basket for someone who shares a professional relationship with you.

Sure, you could definitely pick up a pre-made gift basket from a larger retailer or an off-price department store. But what will make a difference when it comes to how considerate and thoughtful the gift seems is if you take the time to hand-pick items to put into a gift bag or gift basket. 

Below, you will find some ideas for what to include in your gift for the office (or for someone in your professional field), as well as a list of the 'items to avoid' putting in your gift towards the end of the list. 

Something Personal without Getting "Too Personal"

The easiest way to get personal without infringing on awkward territory is working off of their name. 

Some items that combine an element of monogram with something that can be used in the office are a great choice. Pictured above, here is a beige and gold embossed pencil/desk pouch with the letter 'M' on it. You can opt to find something with just one letter on it, or order something custom if you know all of their initials. 

Another personal but also emotionally-distant gift idea includes getting them a gift card to a place you know they like to shop at, or a gift card to somewhere you know they like to order from or get food from. If you notice this person always talks about going to the movies, you can grab them a movie theater gift card. Or, if they always walk through the door with Starbucks in their hand, you can gift them with a week's worth of coffee in addition to another small gift item. Gift cards are a great way to help a co-worker or colleague feel appreciated without pushing any boundaries that would make it uncomfortable (and it shows that you are thoughtful and considerate of what they like!) 

A Hand-written, Personalized Message or Card

Share a kind and thoughtful message, and leave a lasting impression with a customized card as a part of your gift! 

It's all in the details when it comes to cards, and not all cards are created equally. Sure, any old card would do fine. But if you want to go the extra mile and simultaneously impress your co-worker or boss with your office supply swag, step up your game with a handwritten note inside of a custom card. 

For this holiday season, I will be sending out thank you card to various clients and colleagues in the marketing community. I wanted to ensure I sent a positive message along with a touch of style with these beautiful, custom cards I made with Basic Invite. The beauty of Basic Invite's design tool is that you can virtually choose from an unlimited amount of colors, and you can coordinate your order with matching colored envelopes (they have over 40 envelop colors). 

Basic Invite has all kinds of customizable cards and stationery on their site, too! In addition to custom thank you notes and stationery, they have all kinds of stuff you could need for a wedding (which I wish I knew back when Adam and I got married!) One of my favorite finds while searching through their site were these these cactus-themed wedding invitations (and of course they have lots of other, beautiful custom wedding invitation designs, too!) 

If you're the kind of person who loves customizable cards or stationary, be sure to check them out or follow them online on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for all kinds of gift giving or wedding inspiration and ideas.

Something for the Workplace

Have you noticed this person talking non-stop about this one thing they saw on Amazon that they could really use on their desk? Or maybe, this person has asked you a few times to borrow something from you and you think that they could use one of their own? 

Try to aim for something that can be used in the line of work that you do that is appropriate and you believe this person would appreciate. For bloggers and freelancers, a few workplace gift ideas might include a day planner, an on-the-go rechargeable phone charger, or even an iPhone tripod. 

This gift is totally dependent on the person you're gifting it to, as well as what they do for work. Your best bet is to consider what their day looks like, and then try to imagine what you could gift them with to make their day a little bit brighter, a little more organized, or a little bit more fun!

Items to Avoid:

-alcohol (including champagne, wine, beer) or drug-related items
-lottery tickets or scratch-offs
-perfumes, roll-on perfumes, or deodorant products
-lotions, soaps, or other personal care items
-products marketed as "stress relieving" 
-foods that contain common allergens (e.g. peanuts, gluten, etc)

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  1. Those are super cute gift ideas. I love the bag and the mug the most. I think they have just the right amount of pizzazz.

  2. Whenever I send a hand written note, everyone is so overjoyed. I make my kiddos hand writ eout thank yous all the time - it really is a lost art and one that is so appreciated these days.

  3. I always hear nice comments when I make handwritten notes so I love that idea with the mug, and maybe add some tea or coffee to go with it.

  4. These are all really good ideas. I love all of these items. I have my own little office, so even I would love to get any of them.

  5. What great suggestions especially this time of the year! The Boss mug is a great gift for wives! LOL

  6. I love these ideas! I'm amazed at how few people send hand-written cards and thank you gifts.

  7. A pre-made basket would be the best for me. I am not great at arranging things.

  8. I love your tips and ideas. Honestly I never thought about some of the "don'ts" on your list but they definitely make sense.

  9. I'd be happy with that coffee cup! I'm a sucker for a cute coffee cup with some kind of saying on it. - Sarah, Must Have Mom

  10. That mug is so cute! I'd use it for myself, lol. Though, my husband's team and boss love to receive food.

  11. Toni | Boulder LocavoreOctober 30, 2018 at 12:32 AM

    I really love these! Awesome gift suggestions!

  12. I love your gift ideas. For me, I'll choose the classic handwritten cards. It's more personal and sweet too!

  13. Notepads and coffee mugs are always my go to items. I give pretty pens and papers for desk accessories as well


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