Our Flu Survival Must-Haves (and a New Favorite for Cold Season)

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The cooler weather has finally settled here in Phoenix, and it is finally started to feel like fall and almost winter! 

Right around this time of year, the weather becomes absolutely perfect. We may not have the leaves changing colors like other parts of the United States, but the weather has certainly gotten a lot more pleasant and it's finally cooling down overnight and giving us chilly weather in the mornings. But unfortunately, one thing that also accompanies the cooler and more comfortable weather is the cold and flu season. 

Our chilly weather is almost always accompanied by the cold and flu season, but luckily, we have figured out what works best for us as far as getting better sooner and feeling more comfortable even when we are both still sick. Today, we are sharing some of our cold and flu survival must-haves, as well as one of our new favorite products that is perfect for battling a cold!

Our Cold and Flu Survival Must-Haves

Chicken Noodle Soup

Ever since we were kids, Adam and I agree that we never truly feel happy or healthier while dealing with the flu or a tough cold without enjoying a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup. Lately, I have been making soup at home from scratch. Sure, chicken noodle soup comes in the can, but it always tastes more delicious when you know your spouse made the soup especially for you! 

If you have not made chicken noodle soup from scratch before, it is a lot easier than you would think. Generally, the main ingredients include water, chicken stock, egg noodles, carrots, celery, seasoning, and cooked chicken. 

Streaming Service/Binge-watch TV

I always seem to struggle to get any work done while I am faced with the flu, which is why I always do most of my catching up on binge-watching television shows online while I am sick. Whichever service you have that you prefer will work, but we have found that streaming services that offer you multiple episodes that you can watch back-to-back are best for when you have a cold or the flu. 

Keeping your mind off of your illness is key to having a good attitude and staying positive while feeling under the weather, and one of our favorite ways to do that is to stay entertained with television.

Warm Socks

For us, we always feel better while we are under the weather when we are wearing comfortable clothing. I certainly do not want to put on a tight pair of jeans and uncomfortable shoes when I do not feel well. 

One thing we recommend is investing in a 'sick' outfit that is all about comfort--so whether you prefer sweatpants, a big and baggy sweatshirt, or even a warm pair of socks, it's a good idea to have something to wear and relax in while you battle your cold. I have these really fluffy, plush white sock slippers with stickies on the bottom to keep me from slipping and falling on our wood flooring that I wear whenever I want to feel better.

Comfy Blanket

Like wearing comfortable clothing, it is key to want to feel as comfortable and warm as possible while you are battling a cold. 

Adam and I keep multiple baskets filled with extra pillows and blankets all around our apartment, and anytime one of us get sick, we dedicate a specific blanket to the person who is sick for them to use while they are getting better (we do this to try to keep the germs to just the one person who is sick, and then we make sure to toss the blanket in the wash to prevent spreading germs further). 

There is honestly nothing more comfortable than curling up on the couch in comfy clothes with a big, soft blanket enjoying a bowl of chicken noodle soup (and having something warm to drink nearby). 

Something Warm to Drink

Usually, when neither one of us feel well and are dealing with the flu season, we like to keep tea around the house to make when we are sick. Recently, I discovered a new product that has become a staple item to our cold and flu season in our house--Theraflu PowerPods**

Theraflu PowerPods are packaged into single serve pods that we can easily put right into our single serve coffee machine, and since they are so easy to prepare, they make for an ideal, convenient choice when we are feeling under the weather. 

Theraflu offers an over-the-counter medicine that helps relieve cold and flu symptoms like a cough, body aches, fever, sore throat pain, headache, and even nasal congestion. It is made with ingredients including acetaminophen, dextromethorphan, and phenylephrine (all of which are ingredients that we look for in medicines when we are stocking up on cold and flu symptom relief medicines at our local Walmart). When I saw it at Walmart in the pharmacy section, I made sure to buy both the daytime and the nighttime formula (and Theraflu PowerPods Nighttime also relieve a runny nose and sneezing).  

Since we've discovered this convenient, easy-to-brew warm drink we will be doing cold and flu we are doing sick differently and will be incorporating Theraflu PowerPods into our flu survival list of must-haves! 

**Use as directed

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  1. I am praying that we do not get the flu this year. If we do I'm definitely planning on being underneath a comfy blanket and binge watching all sorts of shows.

  2. My husband caught a cold about a week before we were scheduled to leave for a holiday cruise. We went into quick action to knock it out quickly. Lots and lots of chicken noodle soup, TheraFlu and lots and lots of rest. These are our cold and flu survival must haves.

  3. AS I read this I am sniffling and blowing my nose for the millionth time today. I could surely use a cold remedy and those pods seem like a great choice.

  4. This is such a great remember that I have to add these to my grocery list. They're great to keep on hand.

  5. Yes, I use a lot of these when I get sick. Soup is a must. Last year I didn't get the flu and I hope I get lucky this year! Fingers crossed.

  6. Looks like you have thought of everything a body needs when we get sick. Warm and comfy

  7. I had no idea that Theraflu made pods like this. I love my Keurig so I would definitely try these if I got the flu.

  8. While nobody wants to be sick, it looks like you are well prepared. I'm glad you have found something that helps you get through a cold or flu as quickly as possible.

  9. We definitely have a few of the same must haves! You can never be too careful during cold and flu season.

  10. YES to a comfy blanket! I just got over strep and a sinus infection and the only thing that made me happy was my comfy blanket on my couch!! Now I need to wash it...LOL!!

  11. This is what I need for the coming days as I am sick from the start of the year. Thank you for sharing this to us and recommending such a great supplement.

  12. I'm in the middle of a sinus infection and I vouch for all the items on your list. The comfy blanket is a must. I never know when I will be able to sleep, so it is important to be comfy enough to fall asleep wherever I am.

  13. I saw a commercial for this and think it's brilliant! I really like Theraflu, too. It's great that they're making it even easier to use!

  14. I can deal with the flu, its my hubby who is the worse patient ever!! The Theraflu did work really well for him

  15. I'm all for comfy socks and lounging right now lol. Great list you have for flu season.

  16. We have similar weather in Texas right now. My husband and I are feeling under the weather. I would love us to try this remedy. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Warm socks and soup are a definate mood lifter when one has the flu. I love all of your tips including binge watching movies and streaming services.


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