The Best of 2018! Top 10 Blog Posts

Looking back on the most popular blog posts of 2018 and most trending blog posts for the entire year!

Over the course of 2018, we shared 126 blog posts! 

Our goal was to maintain a new blog post approximately every 3-4 days, and with these numbers, I cannot help but feel elated to have achieved this goal! 

I also had made it a goal to do more travel writing, since there were so many of you who filled out last year's reader survey who said you wanted to see more travel lifestyle posts from us (which is why I am in no way surprised to see some of our favorite travel blog posts on this list). In addition to some great travel guides, we did share some new recipes and we are excited to share that some of them made it onto the most successful list of blog posts as well. 

#10 Strawberry and Goat Cheese Crostini 

Happy hour at home is and always has been a tradition for us after a long week. We save more money when we enjoy a siesta at home, and we have tried to get a little creative when it comes to appetizer ideas. Back in February, we shared this simple strawberry and goat cheese crostini recipe to inspire readers to enjoy happy hour at home--or even just as a delicious snack! This was also a sponsorship post with The Coca-Cola Company, and we shared our love for Diet Coke. 

#9 Firecracker Cocktail

Speaking of happy hour, we shared this aesthetically pleasing, firecracker cocktail recipe over the summer inspired by Fourth of July entertaining. In this post, we also partnered with Absolut vodka to share their newly designed, limited American flag-inspired bottle. 

#8 Best Spots for Foodies in Fox Cities (Wisconsin Travel Guide)

Exploring Wisconsin this year was fun, beautiful, and totally delicious! Discovering all of the tastiest foods in Fox Cities, no doubt a great spot in Wisconsin to enjoy a vacation, was a fun project for me and clearly, you loved it, too! After exploring all around the Fox Cities area in Wisconsin, I shared a list of 7 of the best places to eat for self-proclaimed foodies--check it out here!

#7 Taking a Much-Needed Holiday Break 

While I had just posted this update recently, we are happy to see that you enjoyed reading this post and are supportive of our decision to take a brief holiday hiatus through the end of 2018. Like I mentioned in this blog post, Adam and I made the decision to take a true holiday break this year. Normally, I would not set an 'out of office' email or turn away end-of-December projects, but with the stars aligning between him getting time off and my mom having some time off, we decided to spend the holiday as a family and take some much needed time away from anything work-related. 

#6 Elkhart Lake Eggs

During one of our trips out to explore Wisconsin this year, I spent a week experiencing the Wisconsin lake life in Elkhart Lake. Doubling as an activity and also a meal, I had the chance to take my first real cooking class at the L'ecole de la Maison Cooking School at The Osthoff Resort. One of the most delicious recipes that we prepared and cooked in class was this savory, "Elkhart Lake Eggs" dish (and it's evident that you wanted to try it as well since it was such a popular recipe in 2018!) 

#5 Keto Low-Carb Cheesecake

We find it no surprise that this cheesecake recipe is the most popular recipe post of 2018

Adam had been begging me to try a keto diet with him for quite some time, and after we successfully did it for a few months, I definitely noticed some improvements. During the time we were 'keto,' I took it upon myself to come up with ways to enjoy my favorite treats without consuming too many net carbs. While we are not currently on a 'keto' diet, I can definitely see us considering it in the future when we are able to commit to how restrictive it is again. 

#4 Weekday Game Night Essentials 

We have always enjoyed sharing our game day recipes and ideas on the blog, and for this post, we focused on the dreaded Monday night/Thursday night football games. While it is nice to have a game to look forward to during the middle of a workday, it does not ever really feel like a true game day. With this in mind, we shared what we consider to be our game night essentials specifically for a workday.

#3 Cana Island Lighthouse 

Door County is an incredible spot in Wisconsin that is not to be missed (especially making the trip out to Cana Island to see the lighthouse!) Although Door County has a handful of lighthouses in the area, the Cana Island Lighthouse reminded me the most of the lighthouses that I grew up seeing in New England. We shared the details from our trip out to this Wisconsin lighthouse, as well as the beauty of Cana Island, in this travel post that so many of you enjoyed and shared with friends on Facebook and Pinterest!

Best Spots for Foodies in Door County (Wisconsin Travel Guide)

We want to thank the Door County tourism board for hosting us, but most of all, we want to thank them for featuring our blog post all across their social media and on their website! They have sent so much referral traffic to us for this specific Door County travel guide--while it may not have the most shares on it, it most certainly has gotten many, many, many pairs of eyes on it! 

#1 Weekend in Elkhart Lake

Out of all 126 blog posts that we shared this year, our travel itinerary for a weekend in Elkhart Lake was by far the most popular post! Garnering so many views, shares, and bringing in a multitude of followers, this weekend guide to one of the most wonderful lake spots in Wisconsin was our most popular blog post of the year. 

We are so thankful for the opportunities that we have been given this year, and we are elated to continue to share our recipes, travel inspiration, entertaining and hosting tutorials, and just some more behind-the-scenes life updates with you in the new year. Thank you for reading our blog, and we hope you have a wonderful and prosperous 2019!

Happy New Year! 
Thank you for supporting Our Mini Family! Cheers!

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