Weekend in Portland Chinatown | A Full 2 Days Travel Itinerary

Are you ready to plan your next weekend getaway? Check out our Portland weekend travel itinerary!

With our busy schedules, Adam and I prefer to plan weekend travel throughout the year as opposed to taking an entire week off and only traveling and going on one trip per year. Additionally, we have made it our goal to explore more parts of the United States and see as much of this country as we can. 

While international travel is the end goal, while we are in our thirties, we are focusing on paying off our debts while also simultaneously taking time to enjoy seeing new places in-between the hustle of our demanding and oftentimes hectic work schedules. 

Last month, we traveled to Portland together for the first time for a weekend getaway. We wanted to enjoy traveling somewhere with slightly cooler weather than the kind we have this time of year in Phoenix, as well as spend our quick travel plans in a city that has a lot of character to make our weekend plans memorable (and Portland did not disappoint!) Between all of the delicious food, drinks, and quirky adventures we had exploring around Chinatown, we had a great weekend away from the office and spending time together on the road. 

After exploring all around Portland's Chinatown neighborhood, we have come up with what we believe to be the best weekend itinerary for exploring this region of Oregon! 

Click any one of the links below to head to their page on Yelp--where you can bookmark these spots, read reviews, get directions to get where you're going when you arrive in Portland, and see what else is available in the area that may be worth exploring if you want to change the itinerary in any way.

Portland Chinatown Weekend Itinerary

Day 1: 

Early Morning: Coffee at Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Morning: Wait in line at and order a breakfast treat at Voodoo Doughnut

Early Afternoon: Make your way through the maze of books at Powell's City of Books

Afternoon: Grab the best sandwich in Portland at Charlie's Deli

Early Evening: Walk over to the Burnside Bridge and get a sunset photo of the Portland Oregon white stag sign

Evening: Indulge in a delicious patty at Killer Burger

Late Night: Head down to Shanghai Tunnel for drinks (or even a late night bowl of noodles) 

Day 2: 

Early Morning: Get your caffeine fix at Deadstock Coffee

Morning: Sit down for breakfast at Bijou Cafe 

Early Afternoon: Snag a photo with the "Keep Portland Weird" Sign 

Afternoon: Walk the grounds of Lan Su Chinese Garden

Early Evening: Enjoy a rooftop happy hour at Tope inside of The Hoxton hotel

Evening: Order a pizza at Silver Dollar Pizza

Late Night: Stick around at Silver Dollar Pizza to play some pool and grab a beer, or head over to Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade bar

Adam and I opted to stay at the newly opened The Hoxton hotel, which is right in the heart of Chinatown Portland. Our goal was to stay somewhere in the city that is central to everything we wanted to see without needing to rent a car. 

We liked the overall vibe of the boutique-style hotel and the amenities that they offer--including a brown bag breakfast delivered right to our door in the morning (which included milk, fruit, and oatmeal). The beauty of the hotel, restaurant, and bars in The Hoxton made it easy to want to stay cooped up inside in the hotel when it was raining. This hotel has the beauty and design of an upscale, European hotel without the heartbreak of an expensive checkout bill. 

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  1. I've heard a lot of great things about the city of Portland. Your daily breakdown really helps to highlight some really awesome places.

  2. I am drooling! Just the food alone would be worth the visit! Everything I love too!

  3. I have been wanting to work Portland into our travel plans for a while now. There is just so much to see...and to eat.

    1. Yes! It's definitely a great city to visit in the PNW!

  4. I love weekend trips. I love discovering new places all around. This one is such a nice place with a lot of interesting things to see!

  5. I've been hearing how beautiful Portland is. I'd love to visit. Looks like you had a great time!

  6. If weekend get aways work for both of you than that is wonderful. Never been to Portland before looks like a nice place to visit.

  7. This sounds like a fun trip. I've never been here before. And I've always wanted to try Voodoo Donuts. They look delicious.

  8. Those doughnuts look so good! I was at Universal in Orlando last week and meant to try those Voodoo doughnuts and never got around to it. I've never had them.

  9. I love that this was a weekend trip. I never knew how great Portland was. I really want to visit one day and see all these great places.

  10. Looks like you had a great trip. I have never been to Portland but it seems like a great place to explore.

  11. These sound like some awesome spots to hit up in Portland. I love going to a city and tasting and seeing what makes it unique. That Voodoo Doughnut looks so cute and yummy!

  12. I have always wanted to go to Portland. So many great things to do and see!

  13. Oh wow what an amazing weekend it looks like you had. I totally want to try something from Voodoo Doughnut now they look incredible!

  14. The Hoxton Hotel sounds like it's in a fantastic location! There is so much fun to be had in Portland. Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

  15. I haven't been to Portland before but I have heard wonderful things about it, especially Voodoo Donuts! YUM!

  16. We are headed to Seattle next summer and may make it down to Portland. I have heard a lot about Voodoo donuts. The Chinatown area seems interesting to explore.

  17. We hope to go to Maine again this summer. Now I want to spend some time in Portland.

  18. Portland sounds like a great place to go and visit. We haven't been there, but it's a place we are wanting to see.

  19. Those voodoo doughnuts look adorable! Can I have some please? :) Would love to go to Portland someday.

  20. I would feel at home in that Chinatown. We don't have that sort of place in my area though.

  21. I havent been to Portland in many moons, it is a great city. Love all your photos!

  22. OMG, I totally want to spend a day in Portland Chinatown. I've had Voodoo before and it is amaze. You're right, coffee should be dope.


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