Best Places for Foodies to Eat in Fredericksburg, Texas

Are you a foodie headed to Fredericksburg, Texas? Check out some of my absolute favorite spots to eat!

While Fredericksburg is becoming known for its award-winning, Texas Hill Country wines, it is not to be mistaken that the food there is just as exceptional. If you are looking for some winery recommendations, you can check out my favorite wineries in Fredericksburg in this blog post here.  

Foodies living in and around San Antonio likely already know about and have probably visited many of these restaurants, but today, I'm sharing more than a handful of the best spots for foodies to visit in Fredericksburg, Texas! 

Farm Haus Bistro (Fredericksburg Herb Farm)

Situated on a lush garden adorned with beautiful statues and country accents, a visit to the Fredericksburg Herb Farm makes for a wonderful morning. Sit down to enjoy a delicious hot breakfast inside at the Farm Haus Bistro, and if you so choose to indulge, I recommend you order their mimosa flight. Taste four generously-sized samples of prickly pear mimosa, cranberry mimosa, peach strawberry mimosa, and traditional mimosa. For breakfast, I had their Farm Haus Quiche, which was prepared with a savory custard, cheese, bacon, spinach, mushrooms, and fresh herbs from their garden. 

After you enjoy your breakfast, walk outside and explore the grounds of the Fredericksburg Herb Farm. For amateur and professional photographers alike, there is a bounty of photo opportunities to pose and get a wonderful vacation photo (for example, they have these darling butterfly seats, which would make for a great couple photo). 

They also have a lovely spa on the herb farm property, so if you are wanting to check that out while you are visiting Fredericksburg and reward yourself with a spa treatment you certainly can (I would just recommend calling a few days in advance, as I was told that the spa can book up pretty frequently). 

Additionally, if you are traveling to Fredericksburg with a group of couples, as a group of friends, or even a larger family, I would also recommend considering staying at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm which is the same property where the Farm Haus Bistro is located. They have multiple "Sunday houses" that include one bed and one bathroom for rent all lined up near one another, which makes for an ideal vacation rental situation when groups are traveling together. 

You can bookmark the Fredericksburg Herb Farm on Yelp here

Emma and Ollie

You may find that you will see a line wrapped around the door at Emma and Ollie, and these incredible pastries certainly attribute to the long wait. You can anticipate that it will be busy when you visit Emma and Ollie, but I believe it is truly worth the wait! 

Our group ordered a plate of various pastries so we could all sample a bite of each, and every single one I tried was flaky, buttery, flavorful, and everything I could possibly want from a pastry. Every single pastry is made from scratch and made with real butter and sugar. Among the smorgasbord of breakfast pastries that I tried, if I had to choose my absolute favorite, I would pick the savory bacon and cheese scone. 

Rebecca, the chef, is better known as "the pastry queen" who prepares and bakes each one of the pastries you will enjoy at Emma and Ollie. I had the chance to speak with Rebecca after breakfast. It was wonderful to hear her speak on how she thrives on even the most hectic of days because of the team of women she has surrounded herself with and why she's happy to employ a team of women to help keep Emma and Ollie running (to keep up with the high demand for her incredible pastries). 

If you want to visit Emma and Ollie, you will want to be mindful of their business hours. They are not open every day, so the best thing you can do is check their website to see when they will be open. Additionally, if you prefer to drink iced coffee or a cold brew, be sure to have your initial cup of coffee before you arrive at Emma and Ollie--I was saddened to hear that they sell out of their cold brew very quickly, so I was not able to get any iced coffee to enjoy with my pastries. 

You can bookmark Emma and Ollie on Yelp here

Clear River Ice Cream and Bakery

Whether it be for a cup of coffee and some baked goods for breakfast, or a delicious afternoon scoop of their ice cream, Clear River Ice Cream and Bakery has something to satisfy your sweet tooth all day long! Be sure to try their award-winning, Mexican vanilla and amaretto, peach and pecan ice cream, and their praline dipped pecans. 

In addition to their ice cream and bakery items, they also offer boxed lunches, deli items, and salads. If you want to take your lunch to go, you can head to Clear River Ice Cream and Bakery to grab some food, and then head out to the Marktplatz to sit and enjoy a picnic outside. 

You can bookmark Clear River Ice Cream and Bakery on Yelp here

Tubby's Ice House

If you happen to find yourself in Fredericksburg on a Tuesday, make sure to swing by Tubby's Ice House for #tacotuesday! 

They have an extensive menu of tacos to choose from including some of my favorites which were the goat vindaloo, grilled mahi-mahi, curry shrimp, and adobo chicken. I had a chance to sample their menu, and a couple of my other favorites included their pulled pork loaded fries and their paleta. 

The family that owns Tubby's Ice House also owns Otto's German Bistro, which is another well-known restaurant in Fredericksburg that is located right next door to Tubby's Ice House. I did not have the chance to eat at Otto's during my visit, but I did hear that the food was good and the service was exceptional (and I'm not surprised by this at all since we had such a great time and delicious food at Tubby's Ice House). 

You can bookmark Tubby's Ice House on Yelp here


If you are visiting Fredericksburg and are on the hunt for some German delicacies, be sure to stop by Opa's Smoked Meats Market and Deli. Inside this store, you will be able to sample a variety of meats and cheeses before purchasing. Our group that visited Opa's tried all kinds of sausages and cheeses, and we spoke with one of the employees about the products they offer as well as their deli. All of the meats and cheeses available for sampling are sold in their store, and they also offer online ordering if you want to visit their website to ship to your home

When you're in Fredericksburg and craving a deli sandwich, you will definitely want to check out Opa's and grab one of their signature sandwiches or wraps with a side of German potato salad. They also offer a create-your-own Opa's sandwich sheet, where you can choose from a variety of bread and rolls to pair with over 20 different sandwich add-ons. 

You can bookmark Opa's Smoked Meat on Yelp here

Burger Burger

After a night of wine tasting and waking up closer to lunch time, your ideal Sunday brunch spot is Burger Burger. 

Hands down, Burger Burger had some of the best comfort food I tried in all of Fredericksburg. While they do offer over 10 different kinds of specialty burgers and the option to build your own burger, they also have salads, chicken wings, and fried appetizers. For vegetarians, they do also offer a veggie burger made with chickpea, couscous, black beans, corn, onion, mushroom, and garlic. 

If you really want to indulge, be sure to try one of their hand-spun milkshakes (my favorite was the salted caramel shake). 

You can bookmark Burger Burger on Yelp here

Altstadt Brewery

My favorite German meal I had all week while visiting Fredericksburg was at Altstadt Brewery. 

We started our visit at Altstadt Brewery by touring the brewery and getting some information from one of their brewmasters. Our tour was fascinating, and I had a chance to walk around the copper-plated kettles they imported from Germany that they use to brew their beer. After our tour, we made a stop at the bar to order some beer to try and then sat down for dinner. Everyone in our group tried to order something different so we could all try a little bite of everything, and without a doubt, this was my favorite meal the entire week. 

When you take a look at their menu, you will see that they have a nice variety of appetizers and entrees that cater to both lunch and dinner. Two of my favorite things that I tried while I was at Altstadt Brewery were their Bavarian pretzel and their chicken schnitzel. If you are headed to Fredericksburg and want to enjoy a drink and a meal that is inspired by the German settlers who immigrated to Texas, I would highly recommend you visit Altstadt Brewery. 

You can bookmark Altstadt Brewery on Yelp here

Fredericksburg Pie Company

When you visit Fredericksburg, you simply cannot leave town until you have made a stop at Fredericksburg Pie Company!

Each morning before dawn, Merle and Tawny, the owners of Fredericksburg Pie Company, wake up and prepare and bake each pie from scratch. This husband and wife power couple works as a team to produce over 20 different flavors of homemade pies every day. Whether you want cream pie, pecan pie, fruit pie, or even sugar-free pie, they have an abundance of flavors to try. 

They recommend that you come as early in the day as you can in order to get the best selection. You can opt to try a slice and sit down in their dining area, or you can hop in and grab an entire pie or even just a half of a pie and take it to go. If you have a specific pie that you want to try, it is best that you aim to call a day or two in advance and request an order. If you want to contact Fredericksburg Pie Company and see more information like their hours of operation and all of the different kinds of pies they offer, you can browse the Fredericksburg Pie Company website here

You can bookmark Fredericksburg Pie Company on Yelp here

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