7 Skincare Recovery Products After a Hot Summer Day at the Pool

Did you spend a little bit longer than you had planned to out in the sun or at the beach? These are the products that I reach for when my skin is needing some major TLC and added hydration. 

Hey, it happens. Sometimes you end up outside in the sun longer than you had planned. We all do the best that we can when it comes to protecting ourselves from the sun's harmful rays, but sometimes, you come home after a long day, and your skin looks and feels distressed. 

After having lived in the dryest, hottest place in the United States for well over 10 years now, I can attest to knowing what my skin needs after being out in the hot sun for long periods of time. Today, I am sharing some of my holy grail skincare products that I continue to reach for when I need a skin-quenching boost and added hydration after a day of sweating, swimming, and excessive sun exposure.

Versed Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm Pool Water
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#1 Versed Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm

One of the first things I do when I get back from being outside all day in the summer is a face cleanse. Everyone usually has their own preference of how they want to cleanse their skin for their particular skin type, but for me specifically after a day of being out in the heat, I reach for a cleansing balm before anything else. 

Cleansing balms are gentle and made from oil. You may be thinking, "why would I want to put oil on my face if my face is sweaty and oily from being outside all day?" But what's perfect about cleansing balm is that when you gently rub it onto your face, it immediately starts breaking down whatever makeup, oils, residual skincare products like sunscreen, dirt, and any impurities from your skin with the added benefits of whatever special ingredients are in your cleansing balm. 

The real benefit lies in how it works to clean your skin and remove dirt without stripping your skin of essential oils or disrupting your skin barrier. 

The Versed Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm is my first skincare step after a long day, and especially if I have been wearing makeup and reapplying lots of sunscreen to my face throughout the day. It is made with ingredients such as eucalyptus oil, clove leaf oil, and Vitamin E. If you have been curious about or obsessed with double-cleansing, this is the BEST first step cleanser for double-cleansing! 

Indie Lee Gentle Peel Face Pads

#2 Indie Lee Gentle Daily Peel

If you have spent the day outside or spent too long in the sun, you may feel like your skin is really dry in some places and really oily and clogged up in others. At least, that is how my skin can get! What I will do is spot treatment my skin depending on how it looks and feels at the end of the day. Typically, my T-zone is very oily and this is especially true when it's warmer outside. I often end up with excess sebum build-up all along my forehead and nose. 

After cleansing, I will grab my Indie Lee Gentle Daily Peel and gently swipe it across the places on my face that look the most congested. They are made with BHA, AHA, and Vitamin C which will work so well together to exfoliate my dead skin and dissolve excess sebum. 

I love the convenience of these peel pads, and even though they are made gentle enough to be used every day, I prefer using them as an added treatment on my T-Zone after I've been sweating a lot or my skin is particularly oily. 

Glo Skin Beauty Soothing Gel Mask

#3 Glo Skin Beauty Soothing Gel Mask

I mentioned this spring when I shared some of my go-to self-care products that this mask is one that I grab pretty frequently, and especially when my skin feels irritated or overheated. 

This Glo Skin Beauty Soothing Gel Mask does a great job at cooling and relaxing my face after a day in the heat or spending a long time outside in the sun. This Glo Skin Beauty mask is made with ingredients like cucumber extract, which is known for giving a cooling effect and helping to reduce puffiness. It's also made with an ingredient called India Senna, which is a plant extract that is a course of antioxidants and will help defend the skin from environmental stressors like being out on the sun or heat or being exposed to pollution. 

Drunk Elephant F Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial

#4 Drunk Elephant F-Balm
 Electrolyte Waterfacial

There are so many incredible ingredients in the Drunk Elephant F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial mask that make this one of the best products you can use after you have been outside at the beach, pool, or in the sun and in the heat all day. I apply this to my face at night after I've done all of my other skincare after coming home from the pool. 

With all of the great hydrating and restoration ingredients in this Drunk Elephant mask, there's no denying it's a must-have for summer! I cannot say enough good things about this---but whenever I use it at night right before I go to bed, I wake up the next day and my skin feels and looks supple, plump, and balanced. It's just so so good! 

REN Clean Skincare Moroccan Rose Otto Body Oil

#5 REN Clean Skincare Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil

If you prefer to come back from the pool and moisturize with body oil, this REN Clean Skincare Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil is a must-have! 

you're wanting to elevate your bodycare routine this summer, I highly recommend getting your hands on a sample of the REN Clean Skincare Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil. This is a luxury body oil that has enhanced my self-care routine after a day outside in the dry summer heat. 

I enjoy applying this lotion and sitting down to relax while the body oil works itself into my skin.  I like to apply this body oil after I come home, take a shower, and dry off. What's even better about this luxury body oil is that it's made without ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates (and that it is made with 100% natural fragrance). 

OSEA Ocean Lotion Review

#6 OSEA Ocean Lotion

If you prefer unscented body lotion that absorbs quickly, this OSEA Ocean Lotion is an absolute must-have! 

This lotion absorbs so quickly and it does not leave any residue behind once you rub it in. It's such a great body lotion to apply in the morning as well since I can apply it and it goes on fast, and I can get dressed without feeling sticky or slippery. 

But I really love it for days after I have been outside or in the sun for a few hours--it is made with ingredients like algae extract and shea butter which is perfect for delivering quick moisture back into my dry skin. It's also made with oils like rosehip seed oil and kukui which are great for reducing the appearance of lines and marks and are also very hydrating. 

Goldfaden MD Hands to Heart Hand Treatment Cream

#7 Goldfaden MD Hands to Heart Hand Cream

I mentioned this hand cream earlier this summer on the blog when I shared some of the beauty must-haves for summer of 2020, and I will continue to sing its praises.

Yes, it's a bit pricey for a hand cream. Yes, it costs nearly double what you'd pay for a hand cream at the drug store. If you've ever wondered why the over-the-counter hand cream isn't working for you for more than 30 minutes at a whack, you need to try this Goldfaden MD hand cream. But if you struggle with dry hands that crack or are starting to age, you can thank me later once you have tried this incredible hand cream that puts every other hand cream I have tried to shame. 

Be sure to apply this hand cream before and after you spend the day at the pool because this hand cream is made with Niacinamide. Niacinamide is an essential nutrient that can do so many incredible things for your skin. To name just a few things Niacinamide can do: it can help grow your skin barrier which results in better retaining moisture, it can help drastically reduce eczema and redness, and it can help protect against environmental stresses like sun damage or pollution. Basically, if you see a skincare and body care product that has Niacinamide in it, grab it! Because it's one of those ingredients that doesn't get enough hype even though it's one of the best ingredients you can find in your skincare and bodycare products.

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Must-Have Skincare Products after a day swimming at the pool

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