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We are Cathy and Adam Mini. We’re The Mini Family and we're a bit silly (if you can't already tell). It’s so nice to e-meet you!

Cathy started the blog in 2010 to begin organizing her wedding ideas and inspiration, and they continued to update their blog to journal what it was like living together for the first time and to catalog their first journeys together as a married couple. 

Over the years, the blog transformed beyond wedding planning and newlywed updates. We began sharing the recipes we were creating, our travel adventures, and our tutorials that our friends and family requested from us. 

In time, we found that many other people enjoyed our blog and we grew a following and ended up with thousands and thousands of readers who we came to consider an extended part of our mini family. In time, Cathy began working on the blog full time and quit her corporate job to pursue her passion for sharing their life with their online friends through the Our Mini Family blog. 

What started as our personal blog has transformed into a millennial lifestyle blogazine. 

We invite you to join our family, our Mini family, and follow along as we share what believe will inspire you, educate you, and guide in you many aspects of life including things like cooking,  traveling, self-care, entertaining, marriage, etc. 

Read Our Story:

They grew up in the same small town, ran into each other in different circles of friends, and then in high school, they did marching band together. Cathy had a HUGE crush on this adorable trumpet player, and couldn't help but just swoon over him. Adam was totally intimidated by this confident, aggressive color guard girl who kept asking him out on dates and who told him how cute he was. High school passed them by, they went their separate ways as friends, and then reconnected while they were in college. One night, when they met at their hometown train station to say hello, a spark was reignited. 

Three years later, they tied the knot and have never been happier than they are now.

See, the funny thing is, we're not extraordinary in any way. 
We're just a boy and a girl who fell in love.

We started OurMiniFamily.com to share and document some of the day-to-day things that are giving us a fulfilling life. This includes a wide spectrum of sharing our experiences, our marriage, our recipes, DIY projects, Arizona local, fashion, our travel experiences, and even giveaways.

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